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Items remaining, photos in original post in the link...

BP6D cylinder head, stock, complete w/ valvetrain, 106k, not pictured but can include NA6 ECU CLT sensor for ECU and NB2 gauge CLT sensor $250 picked up

ATI 1.8 Super Damper
+ 36-2 trigger wheel + OEM crank bolt, key $440 shipped

Racing Beat `94-`97 4-2-1 header
3k, excellent shape, used w/ TDR heat shield so some discoloration from contact, includes OEM exhaust manifold gasket and donut gasket $400 picked up

K1 Technologies H-beam rods
w/ ARP 2000 hardware + assembly lube for 2nd installation, 1 brand-new rod $330 shipped

ARP 1.8 head studs
+ assembly lube for 2nd installation SOLD!

Supertech 1.8 light double valve springs
(seat pressure 63lbs @ 34.2mm) + retainers + spring seats, shims $350 shipped

Maruha F Cam 252 NB2 intake cam, F Cam 264 NB exhaust cam
$715 shipped

OEM JDM NB2 squaretop intake manifold
, no EGR upper half painted Harley Davidson Texture Black $350 shipped

Gates 1.8 cast-impeller water pump
includes pump-to-block gasket, heater pipe o-ring, pump outlet gasket $40 shipped

ACT Pro-Lite 10-lb 1.8 chromoly flywheel
+ pilot bearing resurfaced 3k ago, pilot bearing has ~200 miles $220 shipped

FAB9 Tuning `90-`93 PNP COPs
currently hard-wired for NA6 BP6D swap to run sequential spark but should be adaptable; includes original COP harness, driver harness, later external driver w/ DIY heat sink mounting plate, both Viton o-rings (`01-`05) and grommets (`90-`93) for sealing coils to valve cover, new iridium spark plugs, original instructions/diagrams $175 shipped

Mazda Motorsports (JPM) B6/BP oil pan baffle
trimmed to fit BP oil pan, photo makes it look dirty but it’s clean $45 shipped

Gates Racing Kevlar timing belt + pulleys
same as what FAB9 Tuning sells SOLD!

K&N Typhoon intake
NB application, red anodized version $90 shipped
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