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I've been waiting for the price to come down on Braille batteries from the ridiculous $159+.

I just noticed there's now a similar battery being sold on eBay for $119 called "Offensive Power"(catchy name...)

I wonder if it's the same unit as the Braille battery but with a different sticker?

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I tryed a Motorcycle Battery once to shave some weight ............. the **** died in 6 months....... :evil: oh well. Next please!!

Oh and RS-Aizawa makes a smaller battery too :?: IIRC


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Bill, could you tell me what's so special about these particular batteries? AGM? Exact size as stock? Will it last as long as the original Panasonic?


Sorry! I've been staring at your avatar since April 19.


The Braille battery comes in two sizes:

B14115 Specifications:
* Size 5.80 x 3.32 x 5.88
* Weight: 11.5 lbs
* Service Life 3-5 yrs

B2015 Specifications:
* Size 6.86 x 3.38 x 6.13
* Weight: 15 lbs
* Service Life: 3-6 yrs
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