Brake help for turbo na

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Hey guys. Looking to get my car running early February. It will be on the run n tune for a couple of weeks then the full tune. I will want to do a couple of track days to get use to the new setup and start getting a bit confident. After that I'll change to some wilwoods up front.

ATM I've got 1.8 brakes all round and on the full tune the car will be pushing around about 300+rwhp.

For the moment I just want some good pads and rotors to last me till I need more and start going faster and braking later.

Can anyone help suggest what I should get?

Few thoughts I've had are.....
- the 949 racing kit with xp8 pads all round and the track speed engineering brake ducts

- endless mx72 with some sort of rotor w/ ducts

- colbalt xr3/5 with some sort if rotor w/ducts

Any help would be good.

It isn't my daily driver. More so track/weekend car I just want to get it running properly so I can get use to it and sort out any bugs with the car before I upgrade.

Cheers guys
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why would you want more front brake when we have a problem with the rear bias not being enough? you wanna stop fast right?
Remove your brake prop valve or get an aftermarket one.
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