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Ah where were we?

Offseason I decided to get into iRacing. I got a G27, but the 270mm wheel felt very unnatural. 3D printer to the rescue!

Picked these up from Tarmac88, figured it was time for more track focused wheels/ tires.

Hit 90k driving it to/from work

Then I put it away for the winter, then school started, then it started getting warm and I forgot how much fun the car was. I also procrastinated a ton of maintence lol.

Fixed the circuit sports coolant tank and its **** design. Now I don't spill coolant in left turns.

That should be one piece. Replaced it with a Mazdacomp on the drivers side, OEM on passenger.

Car Make Corns heatshield decided to just not hold together at the weld. Washer + hammer made it at least not rattle

VC Gasket, painted VC, new PCV, fresh coils, re-did the coil harness, new plugs and all driveline fluids.

While I had the VC off and plugs out I played with my Boroscope. Order of 1 to 4

Dunno what I'm looking at to be honest. But I don't see chips or cracks or the usual signs of detonation on the edges of the piston though.

Stage one of this project.

Finally getting some proper safety back in the car too.

Cobra Monaco Pro 40th Anniversary editions, Schroth Enduro harnesses and I'll be wearing an SHR Flex HANS.

All just in time for Kmiata Day. I fit and clear broomstick, however my 6'6" instructor was never clearing broomstick unfortunately.

Squadded up

I did go 4 off and blew off my front lip. New one was required.

I gotta say this IKON MOTORSPORTS rep GV from Amazon is the best RepGV i've ever fitted. Actually perfect, no crease or short end like the others. Also seemed more flexible and smoother/ shinier than usual.

And got these on after the track day. Definitely a difference, most noticeable in high frequency bumps and potholes. Front end rattles a lot less and theres more of a "thunk" than a rattle or shake when hitting bumps now.

Recently got into Drones too, so the Miata took a bit of a backseat to that as I started in the hobby and did my best to learn.

Until next time.

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How you like them Countergrams? I'm sorta pissed that they came out once I already had the wheels I'd waited a decade for.

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How you like them Countergrams? I'm sorta pissed that they came out once I already had the wheels I'd waited a decade for.
9 Wides/ 225 tires tramline a lot more on the streets. Otherwise I can definitely feel the weight difference lol. Car has a little more pep. They suck in the rain but all 200TWs do.

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Only 4 months since my last update? Seems longer but a lot happened.

Was at a track day at Nelson Ledges and had some... issues.

Car was burning a lot of oil, but I assumed this was valve stem seals as it was intermittent and only on accelerating from a stop or at the bottom of a hill. I got everything to swap them, but wanted to "limp" it through the track day. I also got TB/WP and front end seals to do as they've probably never been changed before.

Second session out I lost my oil cap. I chalked this up to BP vibrations and me just not tightening it. Was quite scary seeing oil spray on my windshield through the hood vents lol. Was pretty bummed as I've had that cap since 2016, bought it before I even got a Miata. Was signed by Mad Mike at FDATL 2016. Little did I know this was a precursor to some more serious issues.

Then, lap after a PB i'm backing off a bit. Coming out of carousel I floor it and there's nothing. Not the usual Miata 0 power, but genuinely no acceleration. Look behind me and see a massive cloud of smoke. ****.

Put it in neutral an coasted to the pits. Car died on track but was able to restart it and limp it to my spot. Was misfiring badly, and didn't get better after I swapped plugs. Friend had a compression tester...

Thats cylinder 3. Lmao. Full results were 120-60-0-120

Definitely a different feeling than when my crunched first NA came off the flatbed. I was able to drive it into my garage though, albeit smoking up my entire neighborhood.

First signs from the teardown were... Interesting.

F. Thats cylinder 2 lol, made 60psi with a hole in the piston.


My moneys on an injector clogging and the cylinder leaning out and exploding.

Up and out.

Lined up a VVT dropout with equal miles to my chassis. So my ODO is correct... Perfect coincidence. But, I also scored a BP4W head and had a local head shop completely refresh it.

Luckily I had TB/WP and a bunch of seals ready to go already. Just needed a few odds and ends and I could re-seal the whole motor.

Coming together.

Also pulled my diff to do poly bushings, come to find out i've been whipping an open diff this whole time. Theres another excuse for being slow lol.

Found a 4.3 Torsen locally rebuilt by Miata Boxes. Put it in my spare RX7 housing with poly bushings. Should make a good difference.

Had the VC, Squaretop and header coated. Header was coated with Cerakote, should improve its durability and reduce how hot the bay gets.

Wouldn't be a "me" project without some pointless personal touch items. Got these from Alethia Motorsports.

No project is complete without a good wash and wax.

And she's all buttoned up.

I'm still driving it around and finding/ solving little issues, but she's 99% there.
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