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After many BMWs in my life, I decided to buy something I could just drive and not constantly mod/fix. Being 6'6" I had never considered the miata but I found one on craigslist that was listed for "tall drivers only." It had a kirkey seat bolted to the ground, 330mm deep dish ebay steering wheel + a host of other tall driver mods.
I FIT!!!

Here she is:

Oh and here is the BMW I sold before getting her (88 325i 2.7 stroker, 5 lug, bla bla bla)

And then I bought this s6.. which broke down in the seller's driveway (limp mode), he was nice enough to take it back:

anyways, the not spend any money on it part lasted about a week :-/
When I drove it home the brakes pedal felt like diahrea in a zip-lock.. so I bled them.. ish

Next was trans (you can see the replacement in the pass seat)

This is when I learned that factory miata bolts are all torque to 500 jesus foot-pounds + 1/2 a turn. jeeez.

Then full poly bushings. In a gravel driveway. UGH

Car's driver side door was peppered with dings. I luckily found 2 doors in Hotlanta. To my disbelief I was able to polish these turds up nicely.


Went for a beer run like this. yeeeehaw.

Bought an old-school FM miata g60-based Willwood kit:

Also installed a willwood prop valve, nb1 booster/master, bled the system a million times.. still didn't like them, so I sold them and went carbotech pads instead :icon_cheers:

Found some cheap 325ix e30 wheels:

Painted them:

and bamski:

I had been on the hunt for a driver side merlot fender since I purchased the car (maybe 2 months at this point). Using the googles I found an old post on an atlanta based mx5 forum where someone replied to a WTB post stating he had one... OVER A YEAR AGO. I signed up and PM'd him anyways.. and he still had it! This is when I had the pleasure of meeting Randy (solomiata), an all around great guy who had many-a miata parts :)

FINALLY the all the same color car mod:

Also picked up an oil pressure gauge cluster from him, motor mounts and a bunch of other stuff.

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out of pure boredom I traded a (free-yay) hard top for a VVT motor:

this m'uh pickup truck, y'all

Started on a thursday after work, pulled it that night

Don't mind the old man, they are all over hendersonville.

Assembly happend friday (harness swap, vics intake bla bla bla)

Drove her out satuday:

LC2 install (it went back to stoic)

also stuck a cheap black top on her because my newish top was torn because of an installation error

This weekend I stole the rain rail off that top and stitched up the tan top:

(can't see stitching with top installed)

couple other random pictures:
derpin' around wnc:

autocross on ho-hos:

cab versus merlot

anyways I think I've owned her 3-4 months now.. still on my to-do list:
-fix pass side window regulator (again)
-swap out ghetto-fab ebay steering wheel for momos
-VVT tuner or reverent unit
-Rear skirt
-ball joints
-maybe raise it up a bit
-gauge cluster cover
-bla bla bla #broke

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Fine progress so far! You won't regret the vvt swap, i hear its the hotness! ;) Love that bimmer! Look forward to the progress sir! :icon_cheers:

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winlowe, Roo3 and I say welcome to CR.

gorgeous E30. Have you ever owned any E36s?

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Today was brake day. I pulled off the PO's Carbotech pads (not sure which series).

I've always been a fan on the Hawk HP+ for their initial bite.. not so much their squeal and dust. They recently came out with a new pad called the Street/Race which is supposed to I guess one day replace the HP+. I picked up all four corners off t/r and gave her some fresh rotors.

So far they are the bees knees, granted I just took a small trip up a mountain road behind my house. I haven't gotten any real heat in them, but the initial bite is great at lower temps.

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So.. I sold this car sept 5th of last year to my buddy:

got into some turbo lols

And then some other bs

but... My company has relocated me to the bay area.. so I bought it back a week ago-ish:

and it just showed up! First commute to work across the bay bridge with the top down was a blast!

Still to do..
1. install ms to control all the fancy
2. clean it up
3. get cali license plates

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So.. progress:

This guy has been waiting in a box for over a year.. finally got a chance to install it + wire up VVT, VICS and the NB coilpacks

Pic taken before I wired the LC-2 into the MS.

spent some time tidying up the engine bay and went for a drive.

Palo Alto -> Pagemill Rd, Apline Rd, Highway 1 to Pacifica, GGB and finally Sausalito.

Car feels amazing with megasquirt... the bump in midrange torque is really really nice..

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Few more updates:

New RPF1s wrapped in RE71rs <3

and a vintage nardi wheel and wood ebrake handle that match really nicely:

with the gloves I received for being a best man at a wedding:

Still on the hunt for some comfy seats and a trunk lid with good paint
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