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I'm Brian, and this is my car.

Bought it in 2007

ate alot of oil and the engine blew up so I took it to toyota because I had a warranty at the time

bought some new wheels and added an exhaust

did some awkward driving

started KINOD... lol

found some mr-s guys.. lowered it on apexi coilovers

got a roll bar...

added a TRD kit

painted the kit... added cf lip spoiler

added TRD stage 2 wing.

fancy koyo, trd strut bar, and bc racing coilovers

big difference

added a hardtop, and this is how it looks now.

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I love those things. My buddy has K20 GT35 powered MR-S with hardtop that he is hacking away right now to fit as big of rubber under the fenders that he can. I would rock one

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A few photos from this past weekend... sorry for the major lack of updates.

Mods list is pretty general...
TRD kit
Origin wing
BC coilovers
Spherical suspension arms
Cusco swaybars
Autopower rollbar
5zigen wheels
TRD strut bars
Bride seat
Stock shifter with upgraded bushings
Motor mounts
Exedy clutch
Monkey Wrench flywheel
Apexi catback exhaust
Topspeed header

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Looks quite good. always interested in one. whats the ballpark cost on the hard top?

Thats quite a change on that front brace. it's crazy how the front "trunk" looks so much bigger without all the plastic in there.
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