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I bought my NA a couple of years ago with these wheels on it (13's -37 offset) and I'm wondering if anyones ever heard of them.

I can't get the codes or numbers off the backs of them as a previous owner had the bright idea to paint them with either a brush or a roller... so here's a link to a set that was being sold in Japan:

I'm struggling to find much in the ways of details about them, and the only for sale links I've seen are from Japan, Indonesia, etc.

Anyone heard of, seen or know anything about them? All I know is they're Cast aluminium-alloy, made by Bridgestone and they're light

It also seems that these (Or an Identical but forged German version called "Intra"'s) might have been an OEM wheel for the Levin Gt Apex AE86. Though I'm not very educated on AE86's
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