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I attempted to email them and got this canned response:

"Auto-Responder Message.
Created Oct. 5, 2006

Please be advised that BR Performance is in the middle of an acquisition by Barker Products. During this change in ownership there may be some down time to our e-mail, website, as well as our forum. There will be changes to the websites, URLs, contact pages, etcetera. Please bookmark for the upcoming changes."

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i just spoke to an individual that really didt know anything about the kits specs or well, anything. He was nice but its just not a good thing when you dont know about what you are selling. Also, they still are fullfiling back orders for customers so that means if i ordered anything today, id be looking at recieveing my stuff at the end of November or December. Not too cool. I honestly dont think these guys will be on top of things untill the end of the year or beggining of 07. Ill be looking into other things by then
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