buddyclub seat fits!!!

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put my wide version buddyclub seat in today using memoryfab seat rails, and the seat fits in perfect with no problems with door. just thought i would share the info seeing as how its hard to find a seat that fits americans and fits a miata too
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Awesome. Thanks for answering a question that many have been waiting to hear. The Buddy Club seat is very attractive, and although it isn't FIA certified, it is relatively affordable and stylish. What size waist are you?
how high does the seat sit with the memory fab rails?
i bought the seat from for 340 shipped, im 5'10" or so 36" waist 180lbs
the memory fab rails sit alright, i wish a bit lower but you can tell theres not room to physicly go lower. specify passenger side as there made in japan so a driver side rail would be passenger in us. ill try and get some pics of my car up soon.
Interesting...thank you for the info!
just so you guys know, i called memoryfab and they said if u want driver side, go for driver side, not vice versa like what was mentioned in this thread.
you guys think the bride seats will fit? i used the bride rails and it sits a bit higher than the stock seats and the seat is like 2" to the left of center of steering wheel

its either the memoryfab rails, the ultrashield bracket or custom brackets
on the memoryfab site they have a list of seats that will work with their rails. or you can always call and ask. they were very friendly over the phone.
i gotta get ahold of a digi cam, but heres the twist, i ordered driver side rails from memory fab, not thinking that in japan the driver is on the right, so i made the passenger rails work, and thats why the seat fits, the passenger rail on the driver side positions the seat towoards the tranny tunnel more, but its not out of wack or uncomfertable it feels fine, i will get pics up as soon as i can
Does anyone have pics of a memory fab seat in an NA? I havent seen one yet with them.
gotcha, i see what your saying

in most my friends 240's with bride rails and such, none of them sit exactly infront of the steering wheel.
Buddy Club seat (regular size, not large) with MemoryFab Low Position seat sliders. Sorry not the best picture, but it mounts up great. Seat sits a little lower then the stock height; it's virtually impossible to go any lower since there is barely any clearance underneath the seat.

Also for the people worried about seat alignment, the MemoryFab sliders are already offset to the right so that when the seat is mounted in, the seat is aligned to the center of the steering wheel.
the memory fabsliders bolt up to our cars?
awesome, thanks for the pics, will be ordering memfab rails soon.
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