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Hi everyone! I got my '92 NA6CE Eunos Roadster in March and have been doing a lot of research on how I wanted to modify the looks. I was originally taken away by the nostalgic nature of the Roadster so I set out to go in that direction. I live in Hong Kong and for those of you who are unaware, we don't have automobile manufacturing plants as its a small city, so all our local vehicles are imported from abroad. That's great news for me cause I can't stand owning a LHD Japanese car. Does that make me a JDM fanboy? Anyway, I was also very reluctant to getting just any Roadster. It had to be a special edition type, hence, I was lucky to find Buddy who is a V-Spec. Bad news is it was painted by a previous owner from BRG to Brilliant Black.

Anyway, I'm gonna be doing a lot of stuff but since this is the Exterior section of the forum, I'll start off with the external modifications. Let's start with how Buddy originally looked like...

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Automotive exterior

Original Nardi wheel, shift knob, and handbrake handle that came with the car in 1992...
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Steering part

A few weeks after I brought him home, I took him to get a good wax. Then there was a club meet~
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Hood Car Vehicle Hood Sedan Coupé Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Sedan

First off, 3 things caught my eye for Buddy's nostalgic project. OEM style lip, bullet side mirrors, and tail lights. Ordered them online and just received them today:

Furniture Room

Pebble Rock Comfort food Mochi Food

Red Pill Pharmaceutical drug Material property Plastic

Plastic Plastic wrap Cylinder

These were opened at my friendly mechanic's shop as I had to give him the GV tail light panel and OEM style lip to paint. He had to leave the shop to do something so I stayed in his shop to install the mirrors myself. What mirrors? Runabout M2 of course!

Box Carton Packaging and labeling

The left side came off easy. Cleaned the old gasket area before installing the M2.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Automotive exterior

The right side was a bitch tho. The left little bastard was
Auto part Pipe Tire Automotive exhaust Fuel line

got hold of big momma wrench instead of pathetically hammering it with a screw driver.
Bicycle part Crankset Tool Bicycle drivetrain part Auto part

Voila! Must be that rust....
Auto part

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Hood

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Alloy wheel

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

Yes, all of you probably know about the engraving...
Rim Fender Auto part Automotive lighting Wheel

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Car Automotive exterior

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Automotive design

Land vehicle Car Hood Vehicle Sports car

There's some other stuff I want to post but its only letting me post 4 more images, so I'll leave that to the next update. If you look closely at the last pic, you will have a hint. = )


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Make a flickr, and embed photos from there. Way easier, and you can choose your image size. Looks like it'll be a good build though!

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See, I'm a noob. :suicide: However after playing around with the different hyperlinks (there were so many diff ones it was confusing) I figured it out...

Anyway, as I mentioned in my OP, here's some stuff that I got prior to the GV taillights, M2s, and OEM style lip.

Ordered and received these directly from Japan

Yes, KGW Chrome nozzles~

I must say these are really sophisticated for some nozzles!

During that same time I also ordered and received these the same week. The rings are for the left/right signal lights. The MAZDA parts are the seatbelt covers. The absence of them made me feel the car was somehow incomplete.

Yup I got the lip from them...

If you look closely you'll see the nozzles installed...replacing them were super easy, just pop the hood, follow the hose that carried the fluid to find the hole, stick my screw driver in to pop the oem ones out~

And here are the chrome rings installed onto the side signals with silicone sealant. If you look closely you'll see I seem to have applied a lot cause its squeezing out towards the orange plastic. I purposely put more on and let it squeeze out. I waited for it to dry and peeled/sliced off the extra sealant with my fingers/cutter. They look fine after it was done but I wouldn't consider this method perfect. You won't see the sealant even after I peeled/sliced it off. Yet if you put your nail against it you will feel the sealant is there, and that is a bit of an imperfection to me =(

Since I was anticipating this project to take a long time, I had to get myself something to keep me enjoyed about driving the not-yet-completed Buddy each time. So, I went to get a pair of Gaspar driving gloves 2204 (they claim it to be inspired by Steve McQueen..whatever....but its the same pair in Drive the movie)

And during that same time I also ordered something from Ken...

Wasn't able to loosen the bolts holding up the baby teeth, so I'm gonna let my mechanic remove them next time I go pick up the painted parts!

That's it for now~ :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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