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Late in starting this build thread as car is already complete.. Details on the build including pics, videos, magazine articles will follow.

Starting with before and after pics + spec sheet so you know what you are in for:

Before (when importing the car in 2009):


Spec Sheet:
Engine / Drivetrain:
CCR-Racing build engine:
·Rotrex C30-74 Supercharger
·Rotrex Oil Cooler for Supercharger and Self-Contained Oiling System
·Aquamist HFS-2 Water/Methanol injection system
·Reprogrammed OE ECU
·Recirculating Bypass Valve
·Automatic Belt Tensioning System
·Aluminum Intake and Discharge Piping
·Oiled Air Filter
·MAF Relocation System
·Gates Belt: 4PK1218 48382
·CNC-Machined Brackets
Flyin’ Miata:
·Level 1 Clutch (430 Nm)
·Stainless Steel Clutch Hose
·Lightweight Flywheel (6,1 kg)
·Setrab 13-row Oil Cooler
·Mocal Oil Cooler Thermostat (88°C)
IL Motorsport:
·Aluminum 50mm Radiator
·Oil Temperatur Transmitter
Racing Beat Power Pulse Single Tip Exhaust
Mazda OE:
·Torsen LSD
·5 Speed Gearbox (6 Speed deleted)
·Competition Motor Mounts
·Competition Differential Bushing
Denso Iridium Power IK22 spark plugs
Magnecore Electrosport 80 Ignition Leads
Track Dog Oil Pressure Sender Kit
Brakes / Suspension / Wheels:
Goodwin Racing Big Brake Kit Version 4:
·Wilwood Dynalite Forged 4 Piston Billet Aluminum Calipers
·DBA5000 11” Rotors front
·DBA5000 10.75” Rotors rear
·Carbotech XP10 Pads front / XP8 Pads rear
·10 bolt aluminum hats front/rear
·Braided stainless brake lines front/rear
·Quick Release Pins for fast brake pad swap
Koni Ride Height Kit – fully adjustable coil-over Front: 4.5kg/mm – Rear: 4.25kg/mm
Racing Beat 1.125” Tubular Front Sway Bar
Racing Beat Brace Kit Hardware and Lower Control Arm Reinforcement Flanges
949 Racing Adjustable Endlinks
Cusco Shock Tower Brace - Type OS
Track Wheels: 949 Racing 6UL 8x15 +36 with Toyo Proxes R888 Racing 205/50-15
949 Racing Alloy Lugs
Corner Weight and Alignment: Carlsen Motorsport
Interior / Exterior:
Car Wrap by
Bride Vios III Low-Max Racing Seats
Bride Seat Rails Low-Max Type LF
Willans Club 4x4 Harnesses
Sparco 383 Suede Steering Wheel
NRG Quick Release gen 2.5
Works Bell 55mm Hub Adapter
Hard Dog Fabrication:
·M2 Sport Roll bar w/ Double Diagonals
·Harness Tabs
·Stitched Covers w/ High Density Padding
AutoMeter Ultra Lite 52 mm Instruments:
·Oil Temperature
·Vacuum / Boost
IL Motorsport:
·Gauge Panel
·Satin Vintage Instrument Rings
·Bonnet Lifters
·Interior Lighting in center console
Mazda OE:
·Hardtop + Hard Top Storage Bag
·Aluminum Gearknop with custom engraving
·MazdaSpeed Aluminum Foot Rest
·Mud Guards front and rear
Ryoku Rob Tow Hooks front/rear
Sun Visor Blanking Plates
Head Lights Internals painted black
Badges deleted or painted black
OMP CAP 319 2.4 litres Fire Extinguisher
Air Con deleted and fan wired to cool engine
Fog Lights deleted
Accelerator pedal moved closer to brake pedal for easy heel/toe
Custom Made Trunk Board (to remove spare wheel and jack)
Specialized Covers Prestige Lite Car Cover
Alpine CDE-9882Ri Head Unit iPod, USB, CD, radio
Alpine KTP-445 4x100W Power Pack
Rainbow CS220 X-Plain 8” 150W Component

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Wow that's a crazy mod list, and you're in Denmark too. You must've paid a king's random in shipping over the years.

Get ready for everyone here to hate on that ride.

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Wow that's a crazy mod list, and you're in Denmark too. You must've paid a king's random in shipping over the years.

Get ready for everyone here to hate on that ride.
What's there to hate?

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Since selling my first MX-5 in 2007 – and buying station wagon and baby carriage – I longed for a new toy. I loved the handling of the MX-5 but I always thought straight line fun was limited by too little power. A plan for a street legal MX-5 with more power arose but the main challenge was that legislation in Denmark is one of the strictest in the world when it comes to modifying and especially tuning cars. Therefore it was necessary to team up with professional people in the tuning industry to make this happen.

For the project I imported the last version of the NB Sport from Germany – one owner, 27.000 km, fully serviced at Mazda. The goal with the car was to build the car that Mazda should have built in the first place: More power, high driveability, only high quality parts but with no big spoilers and no “Fast and Furious” look.

My good friend and webmaster of the MX-5 enthusiast site Five-speed introduced me to the Technical Director of the Danish Supercharger manufacturer Rotrex who was enthusiastic about the idea. We teamed up with the tuning guys from CCR-Racing who specialize in developing complete kits with the centrifugal superchargers from Rotrex. The idea was to start out with the high quality kit already made by Kraftwerks in the USA, but make it more refined with better engine management, better driveability, better reliability and higher output. Also the Kraftwerks kit is made for US spec cars and we found out that there are several differences to the European cars.

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Last pics of the car in stock conditions:

Stage 1:
During the winter 2009/2010 my car sat in the shop at Rotrex and CCR-Racing making sure all necessary changes were made to adjust the kit for the European spec cars. For instance the ECU is different and the European cars use a higher temperature thermostat compared to the US cars. The kit made by CCR-Racing also include an Aquamist water/methanol injection system to make absolutely sure there is no detonation with the high 10:1 compression on the NB2. The result with this stage 1 setup was 191 hp and 236 Nm. The dyno reading before installing the supercharger was 141 hp so the result was an extra 50 HP.

Stage 1 dyno:

Before and after shot of engine:

Water/Methanol system:

So now the practical issue on making the supercharger kit work was solved but we still needed the equally important task of making the kit street legal! For this part of the project one more MX-5 was acquired and sent to German MX-5 specialist I.L. Motorsport who took care of the long haul of getting the kit approved by the international certification organization TÜV – a process that took several months and was made possible by an international corporation between I.L. Motorsport in Germany, Kraftwerks in the USA, Rotrex and CCR-Racing in Denmark. The process has not been easy nor has it been cheap, but I hope the effort made by the involved companies will be a good investment now that we finally have a street legal supercharger kit on the European market. To celebrate the project an aluminum gear knob was made engraved with the names of the involved companies.


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The Danish MX-5 specialist Au2Fast took care of installing new fully adjustable coilovers from Koni, aluminum radiator from I.L. Motorsport and light weight OZ Ultraleggera wheels as well as a new exhaust from Racing Beat – single tip to save weight and make the car look fairly stock. Au2Fast also helped out with the interior installing three AutoMeter gauges that matches the aluminum interior and helps monitoring the tuned engine: Boost/vacuum meter, oil temperature and volt meter. Since 1994 Mazda’s oil pressure meter has been the on/off type, so I had this modified to show actual pressure and the gauge cluster was trimmed with vintage instrument rings. MazdaSpeed pedals were installed and I pulled the accelerator pedal closer to the brake pedal for easy heal/toe – great modification and completely free.

Stage 1 pics:

Home in the garage:

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The standard sound system includes a 2 DIN head unit and 6 speakers, but sound level and quality is not impressive. Therefore a new Alpine sound system with USB and iPod connections and 4 x 100 W was installed with mounting frame spray painted to match the interior. Speakers were replaced by 8” Rainbow component speakers which are the biggest possible without having to completely rebuild the doors and trim. The useless speakers in the wind deflector were deleted.

Gauges and Audio:

I am 186 cm so cockpit is tight fit and I had a “foamectomy” done on the driver’s seat removing 3 cm of foam from the bottom and 1 cm from the back which gives a little extra room but without sacrificing comfort. In the trunk I removed the spare wheel and jack to save weight and give a little more luggage space and a custom made board was fabricated – I have later sold a few of these trunk board kits to other enthusiasts.

Out Goes / In Goes:

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I drove about 15.000 km with the Stage 1 setup with absolutely no problems and was very happy with the result and high quality craftsmanship done by CCR-Racing. The car was as reliable and drivable as a standard car and had it not been for the intriguing sound from the supercharger my wife would not have noticed the difference. This was in other words the car Mazda should have build in the first place! A few motor journalists tested my car and agreed that the result was impressive and very well engineered:
You can buy Rotrex supercharger kits for all generations MX-5 / Miatas 1989-2005 at CCR-Racing. (I have no commercial interest).
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