Bunch of 1.8NA interior parts and other randoms

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Just clearing things out of my garage. Not sure what the going prices are for these, but all prices are OBO.

Local pickup in Los Angeles or at KINOD preferred. I don't mind shipping out the smaller items, but you pay shipping + Paypal fees.

- K&N Air filter for Racing Beat intake: $10
It's a bit smooshed but works just fine. Great for anybody who doesn't care about looks or wants to fab up their own intake setup. Washable and reusable.
Specs here:

- NA A-pillar trim: $10 for the pair

- NA Cockpit brace (I have the end caps somewhere): $40

- Rear carpet storage bag thing that snaps in between the seats: $Spoken for.

- NA Center console cup holder with extra cup holder thing: $SOLD

- NA Air vents: $5 for both
Bit of silicone adhesive left on it, can be easily removed.

- NA Stock steering wheel + airbag + steering wheel cover: $40

- NA Center console (broken latch, no key thing): $15

- NA8 Center tombstone (true double-din) w/ NB radio pocket: $40

- NA power antenna (no relay): $40

- NA stock radio: $20

- Misc. parts: Door cups $5/each, door handles(pulls) $5/each, door latches: $SOLD, NA window switch (cut wires, great for revlimiter's retro switch) $40

- Softtop latches and strikers (gloss black): $SOLD

- Hardtop side latches (no striker plates): $40

- Extra set of regular softtop striker plates: $10

Email preferred: [email protected], or if you know my number, send me a text.

Discounts if I know you!
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I'll take the passenger side door handle (pull )
what city in LA are you in?
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