Camarillo Autocross?

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When I was getting my tires mounted the other day, I was talking to one of the guys there and he told me about autox in Camarillo. He said they were held at the airport but he didn't know dates or times. Can anyone here help me out? I've been looking for some autox races since I moved down here but so far I've come up short. Anything closeish to me would be good to know about.
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I posted the Sept. 10th Corvair Club autocross to the Socalm email group, but only got a few sarcastic replies. The Porsche club put one on the next weekend.

This is put on at the unused end of the active runway, and access to it goes through the hangar area, so the airport is very sensitive about having lots of cars in that area. So I think the one Corvair and one Porsche events per year are likely all you are going to see there.

If I get word of the next Corvair Club meet, I'll post it. The Sept. 10th event was fun, low pressure. No trophies, so no one worried about different classes. Just run and see if you can improve on your own time.
Note that there were more Miatas there than any other make, including Corvairs. Except for the one shifter kart, a NB Miata took top time.
Ooo good to hear. Are there any other local autoxs?
The big problem is finding a suitable place to run. A big parking lot, no concrete dividers, and of course an owner willing to let us run.
After that, finding a club as a cover organization is pretty easy. Porsche Club, Cal Club would love to put on more events in the area if the lot could be found. You need a group that has equipment (mostly pylons & timing gear) and more importantly, insurance. No lot owner is going to let you run an event without insurance.
It would be nice to see similar events in the area...
Driving to California speedway just sucks (100miles from Thousand Oaks)...

Btw I saw the posting about the Corvair Club but my car was on jackstands :(
My school (CSUCI) has a decent sized parking lot but I don't know how keen the school would be on letting people race there. There is also an old kart track on Harbor in Oxnard that no one uses anymore. I don't really know anything more about it than that. You can see it on google maps if anyone is curious.
Ooh yes. I love that one. I'll look for your car today.
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