car bogging, losing power on the highway.

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Ok, something worrisome happened on the way in to work this morning. I was on the highway, cruising with the flow of traffic (about 75-78 mph), when the car lost all acceleration. I let off the gas, and tried going all the way down, with no improvement. RPMs were not showing the car go over 3000, at WOT. I lost speed until the car was down to around 50mph. And I was about to be smashed by the flow of traffic. Then, the throttle started responding, and got me to work.

I could not find a vacuum leak, and nothing appears out of sorts under the hood. The car had been driving for 10 minutes prior to the incident, so the engine was fully warmed up. Oil level is fine, water temp reads normal.

My car is a 1990, with a 93 engine, about 110K on the engine. Randall intake, rl mani, bf test pipe, stock exhaust. No other "power" mods. I do run mid grade gas with the 14* timing bump

Think it sounds like bad gas? clogged injector? I have not a clue.

Thank you for any help.
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Were there any electrical problems during this whole ordeal?

I had a similar issue once, but my whole car died. My ignition connector was barelly connected, the wires keep loosing contact. Was an easy fix, but a pain in the ass to diagnose.
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