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Alright I have found out that the person who started all this could use a little help so I am asking those in the local scene if they have the time to lend him a hand.

Thats the FB page for those who unfortunately have that wonderful... internet thing in their lives.

Its a car show that they are starting up this year in the hopes of doing it every year. He has been planning it for awhile but unknowingly did it at the same time as another car show in Phoenix and well thats obviously not the greatest way to get started.
I do not want to see him discouraged this is a great cause guys and he is trying very hard.

If any of you have the time come on out, My Vette is no where near ready for others too look at but I promised I would show and stay until the end... when I will leave to go to SIR and race lol.
You gentleman (and ladies) have some nice cars that could really help out, if you have the time please stop by and show your support!


Its from ... says 9am to 6pm... I thought it was about 11am to 6pm or so. I can confirm this shortly.
Its open to all cars too, everyone is welcome in the show so please come on out, classics, imports everything!

I know that there are raffles and prizes, I also know the Cancer Foundation will be there and half the funds collected go to them the rest to a local family who recently lost a child if I understood correctly (To cancer obviously). Great causes either way!

We are looking for 50 to 80 cars to help with Car Show for Cancer. Owners of bikes and trucks are also encouraged to participate. Please come out and support and let’s make this show a great one. The cost for showing your vehicle is $25. All proceeds from this event will go to the American Cancer Society

If you would like to show your car please contact me by phone or email. My number is 312 - 714 - 0603 and my email is [email protected]

In order to participate in this show at the University, it is required to have proof of insurance, driver’s license as well as a picture of the vehicle that you are submitting for the show. At event all cars will have to have wheels placed on plywood which will be provided by the event.

Categories for Awards include:
1) Best Bike
2) Best Truck
3) Best Domestic
4) Best Euro
5) Best Classic
6) Best Muscle
7) Best in show
8) Best Exterior
9) Best Interior
10) Best Import
11) Best Sleeper

If you’re interested in being a vendor or would like to donate to this event please contact me either by phone or email.

For a tentative itinerary for this event please contact Max Lewis, or leave a comment on the event page. Thank you!

Registration Form:

Registration Form PDF:

Please email registration & picture of car to: [email protected]

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It was a fun day, we will be going back out later tonight.
The Vette took Best Domestic, the little man won a gift card which turned into a R/C Car Stingray Concept Corvette (Side Swipe from Transformers).

Another member who took best in show with his Supra took these pictures, I let Ty run around with my Phone and take pictures he wore me out but I have not uploaded them and I happen to have a head ache so I am cheating and using his.



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