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EDIT: Sorry, ment to post this in the Engine forum...

Hey guys,

I just got done with the install of my MP62 kit. I started it up about a week ago before putting the front end back together and properly/fully mounting the radiator. The car ran good, but idled a little rough. A friend came over and noticed I didn't put my MAF back on (flame me after making a suggestion, ha), so I couldn't find mine in the garage, so he took his off his 99 and mounted it up. (Note: Come to find out, accidentally shipped it with the intake I sold when disassembling my car. Buyer returned it to me.) Started the car, and it ran and idled well (for not having a real tune yet).

That was a week ago... I've mounted the bumper, headlights, and radiator back up. Located my MAF and isntalled that back onto the intake and adjusted my throttle cable (it was sticking due too being too tight). Now, I can't even get it to idle without dying. The process lasts for about 3-4 seconds, but it revs up to around 4.5k rpms, slowly falls down to 3k and then drops to about 800 rpms where it struggles to stay going. Soon after, it dies.

I've went through and checked all my vacum lines, everything looks good. I've reset the ECU and Xede (disconnected back for quite some time and reloaded maps/timing to Xede), but still nothing. It does have a CEL, but had one a week ago when it ran fine and I thought this was just due to the MAF missing. No where around me rents OBD2 scanners, so I have one coming in the mail (should be here tomorrow).

My question is, anyone have a clue what might be causing this? Would the throttle cable have any influence upon this?

I took the MAF back off to see if it would idle like it did a week ago, but it still won't. I've posted over on, but no response. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I can get that CEL code soon, maybe that would help me a little bit.
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