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I'm new to this car sh** so give me a break. I'm learning the best I can.

I'm not sure where the correct place to post this is. I've been researching and trying to figure it out myself but need help. I figure hopefully one of you have had this problem.

[information about the car]
'97 Miata. T25 turbo at 8psi. Flyin' Miata Voodoo chip and a Bipes ACU wired into stock ecu. Was Uncle's car, sat for a year and it's now mine. Drove it for about three days before having problems. (I assumed problems would accur with it sitting for so long) I bought the car as is. I drove the car to my house to do interior work. Had the car for about 2 months before getting it legal, I drove it almost everyday for a month up and down my street, always starting the car everyday when the battery was in it. Never had any problems with starting. Until now...

[edit] also, this setup is about 10 years old. Maybe a little less. There is no play in the turbo, I've had people look at it and they say the turbo seems fine.

This is the third time it has done it. It will not start. I'll list it...

First time: Wednesday morning, it wouldn't start. It will turn over but not make that last "hmpf" to start. I took the positive of the battery and let it sit for about five minutes, put it back on and it started. Didn't think anything of it afterwards.

Second time: Friday night. Same starting problem. Turn over but wouldn't make that last effort to start. Spent about 3 hours messing with it trying to figure it out. I changed the Walbro fuel pump with another Walbro pump. Still wouldn't start. After hours of searching and reading, came down to the fuel relay under the dash. Switch it and it started.

Third time: Tonight (12/4/11) I drove it to Chili's to eat dinner with a friend. Went to leave, car wouldn't start. I spent three hours in the parking lot. Stayed there until twelve (pm) trying to fix it. Same starting problem. Turn over, no last hmpf. I couldn't fix it this time. Had to tow it home. This is where I'm at now.

[little story] The turbo worked fine before this issue[car starting issue] started happening. After I fixed it the second time, when under boost, the car flutters. I've been running 8 pounds of boost and now it will NOT go anymore then 4lbs. It has a Bosch resurc on it. I checked the Bosch unit to see if it still worked. No dirt was in it and the tests I was told to do it passed. Please lists ways to test it so I can check that again as well.

When I was working on it the third time, this is what info I learned and what happened:
The Bipes ACU and FM chip are supposed to light up when the car is turned to the on position. They do not now. So I checked the power lines to the ecu for bad connections. I even re wired it in the parking lot to another 12v wire. Did the same with the grounds. Now, the Bipes, when I wired it, I must have picked a wire that is always on, because with the key out of the car the bipes lit up. 3 dots, then two, then stayed on with one dot. (like a count down thing 3-2-1) So I turned the car on to make sure the Bipes would stay on and once I try to start the car the Bipes turns off. Take the key out, take that 12v wire off and then put the wire back together and the Bipes kicks on again with the same count down. Fails to stay on when trying to start the car. I was told I could run the car without both the Bipes ACU and the FM chip. So I unplugged the Bipes and un-wired the FM chip. Still no start.

Doesn't start, so it comes to no spark or no fuel (thats what everyone says). I swapped the fuel pumps, switched fuel relays, put in new spark plugs. Plugs didn't do anything, nor did the pump. Fuel relay fixed it once.

So what the fu** is wrong with my car. Tomorrow I'll put pictures up of the Bipes unit and the FM Voodoo chip. Both the chips look brand new(even though they are not) so no signs of them being fried.

Has anyone come across this problem? Any solutions? Things I should do?

I also have a vacuum leak. Car idles high. usually maxes its idle at 2 grand. Whenever I tap the brakes when it is at its high idle point, every time and never fails, the idle will drop down and then go back up to hits high point.
Do brake boosters go bad? I've spent a few hours searching for any vacuum hoses leaking. Everything seems to be fine.

Please help as I came here as a last resort after searching on my own for this information. I will answer any questions to the best of my ability.

(copy and pasted from any helpful input would be greatly appreciated.
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