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I did a web search and got nada.

Does anyone know where I can get a CF Rad Cowl Cover for my '94 NA?
The factory black plastic one has seen better days.

Oh yeah, it would have to fit an ABS car (washer bottle is up front w/a hole cut out in the factory cowl cover for the filler cap).

I am not too big on the stainless ones, and really do not want a painted one.
Any info or ideas would be helpful...

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there is a guy over here that makes cool stuff out of Cf i think its under construction at the moment, but mail him and he will sort you out. he makes:

CF bodykits
CF vent lids
CF bonnets
CF rad covers
CF fuel cap lid

and some other bits.

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I got mine from AeroDramatics, im sure if you call him or email him he can still make one. As for the relocated washer bottle, why not get a hole saw and cut a hole for it?

I might be selling mine if i can get one from RS-Aizawa


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I think I might have one lying around the garage that I can't use. If I find it you can have it. It's a purely functional piece, doesn't look particularly pretty...but it's light and it works.
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