carbon fiber refurb

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-hey guys i might be picking up a used carbon fiber hood but its going to need a little beautification. from the pics i saw it looks faded but not yellowed and the guy said it can be wet sanded or buffed back in shape by a body shop. any truth to this? he only wants 150 so it may be worth a little work. give me your ideas. thanks-
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<deep breath>

Does it just look a little scuffed or does the finish look oxidized?

Here's what I would do because that's a good price.

Go to Harbor Freight and get yourself the orbital sander/polisher they have.

Go to your local autopaint house and buy yourself the Maguire's rubbing compound disc , fine polishing disc, and velcro adapter as well as a bottle of 3M Imperial Hand Glaze and 3M Perfect It III rubbing compound. Wouldn't hurt to get some nice thread count towels or some microfibers.

All this should cost within $100, even if you get the extended warranty from HF.

NOW, starting with the Perfect It, go over the surface of the hood taking care not to spend a bunch of time in one spot because then you'll just burn stuff. Constantly move. When you're done with the hood, give it a rinse and wipe it down. Then take the Hand Glaze with the fine polishing disc and do a small area, no bigger than 18"X18". Let it haze up for no more than a couple of minutes and then buff it off with a towel ensuring all polish is removed. Trust me, if this stuff dries on there you're going to have to work your ass off to get it off.

If this doesn't do it, then I'd resort to 1200-2400 grit wetsanding and then follow up with the above treatment. It will save you a few hundred dollars as opposed to taking it to a body shop for them to do the same thing.
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heres the pics
yah the surface just looks like its lost its shine. i think it may just be a generic, he cant find any stickers anywhere.but it may be worth the price, hes also throwing in the hood pins he'd been using. thanks for the tips man-
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My sandless technique should be good enough then.
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