Carbon Miata Vent Windows-non tinted - $215 shipped

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I have started going through what I am going to remove from the car and what I intend on keeping. First things up for sale are the vent windows. They obviously are used. They work great and I actually added a silicone seal so that it cuts down on the wind noise and keeps most of the water out. They are a little dirty in the crevices and I haven't been able to get inside there to clean. They still work great and the amount of air that comes inside is amazing. I am asking $215 shipped in the CONUS. I am only accepting Paypal. PM me if interested.

They are off the car, boxed up and ready to ship.
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Are you planning to sell the car? Where are you located?
NC. The car is almost always up for sale. Just depends on price. Haven't thought about a figure.

But back to the vent windows.....
Hey there! I see you're selling some Carbon Miata vent windows, and they sound like a great deal!
It's awesome that they work well, and the added silicone seal is a smart touch. Even if they're a little dirty, it's good to know they still function perfectly. Plus, the amount of air they let in sounds amazing! $215 shipped within CONUS sounds like a fair price too. If anyone's interested, they should definitely PM you. By the way, have you checked out for some cool car window sunshades? They're perfect for keeping your ride cool and protected.
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