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The evo front end is a work of art. I'm doing my best to stay calm, but I have a feeling you'll be recieving my PayPal information in October shorly after getting married.

I'm in for the hardtop rain rails, ducktail spoiler options, mirrors, and tombstone solutions. Another member brought up a 'shorty' or 'track' style dash on another thread. There should be A LOT of interest in that as well.
Waiting for your order! :bouncin:

For the shorty console, I am doing one for NA at the moment. I will keep it extremely simple and affordable!

i'm still big on door panels for NB as are many other people. as well as various gauge mounting solutions (airbag spot, above dash, etc). willing to send parts to china if need be.
That's awesome. Honestly, if you can modify the sample you have to your liking and send it to me for moulding, then that would be the perfect way to make part. The difficulty for me is to modify samples without the car in the workshop to check that the fitment is spot on!

If the part is already made, then I can just copy the sample you made! Much easier! :)

Cool stuff you have going on. That EVO front end will make my buddy drool. Keep up the good work.
Thanks! :hello kitty:

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Hey there, So I started this project around 5 months ago. I was very lucky to find this sweet Miata in China where I live since 2004. Only 5 NA were officially imported in the 90's so I guess I was very lucky to find that one!
The car had this kit that I find pretty ugly. The front was OK but the back was awful. I teared it off as soon as I could and bought OEM bumpers. Also, I started to buy some parts in USA and rebuild the engine with high compression pistons, light flywheel, stage 3 clutch etc... I didn't want to go turbo/supercharger so I kept it NA and started to focus on loosing weight. Long story short, I started to do my own carbon fiber parts and aim at lighten the car the most I can while keeping it "civilized". Doors, trunk, fenders, hood, lip, canards etc... everything will be done at some point. Enough talking, here are the pictures of the different steps of this project. Sorry for the bad pictures but my car spends a huge amount of time in the workshop so I didn't have time to find a nice place to shoot it yet. Back to original and working on the headlights covers fitment:
CF Headlight covers fitted (0.45 pound/pc):
Then I worked on the back of the car and made a CF trunk spoiler (1.2 pounds) and CF Euro rear panel (1.3 pounds):
Then I did a CF OEM trunk (7 pounds) but quickly gave it to a friend and started to work on a trunk with ducktail (love the effect). The final shape is not as I thought it would be. Now it just looks like somebody sticked a spoiler on the trunk. Shape is being amended to delete the separation lines. Part was just finished on the pictures so it's pretty dirty!
I then started to work on the front, here are the OEM fenders made with carbon fiber:
Doors were made soon after. This saved A LOT of weight. OEM doors are so heavy, I couldn't believe it. Weight of each CF door: 8.8 pounds.
Flat rear panel (didn't really like the result actually):
Came back to the front and I just finished one of the front lip design. The other one is being made now. Also, I wanted some canards so bad so here we go, I finished this shape last weekend and mould is being made. Once those are finished, there will be bigger sized ones. Unfinished design inspired from the GV lip:
Working on the canards shape, I am not sure about the position but I read on forums that a 25 degrees angle is good for the aero. You can see the other lip design finished as well.
For the hood, I am getting inspired by this RX7 hood! Looks pretty awesome IMHO!
There might be too much vents tough! Did some accessories for the interior as well. Strictly for looks. Doors sills:
Speaker covers:
I will update this topic with the new additions to the car. Meanwhile suggestions about new parts or advices are more than welcome!!! I will update the topic with the exact weight saved with each item. Hopefully it can help a few to choose which CF/fiberglass parts to go for to maximize their weight saving! Thanks for reading. Marc
This color is this? I love it
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