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So i recently 'rebiult' my engine; all new gaskets, valve seals, timing belt, water pump, all the bearings, etc.
Before the 'rebuild' the engine was standing in the shed for about a year.

And now it's throwing a cel, after a 2 mile drive, or about 5 minutes. If i turn the engine off, it resets and throws a cel after 5-10 minutes. Checked the codes and it only shows 26, purge solenoid valve, but it did that before, and i also removed the charcoal canister. I checked all the connectors in the bay, and they all seem fine.

Is it possible it's throwing a cell if the thermo switch doesn't work, cuz i suspect it to be failing, as the car overheats if i drive it a bit harder. And also the fan doesn't kick in. I already replaced the thermostat, and the fan relay is ok.

We are talking about a 94 BP engine, almost forgot...

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