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I'm in the UK running these. Trying to find out what I can use to cover all 4 wheel centres, to no avail. The REAR wheels have these bronze nuts sticking out while the front wheels don't, so "generic flat caps" are not going to work. Does anyone here know of anywhere in the world that do centre caps as a set of 4 that will solve my problem? I am only seeing alternatives for the 15x7. Help!!! This is what they look like at the rear. If these bits were silver colour, I wouldn't mind. While I can source replacement nuts in silver, the nuts are affixed to some other component that is not an option to replace really . I'm not using silver Hammerite, that will look tacky. Black I may do if I have no luck finding anything...
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And the shoddy things covering the idea what these caps are called but they must have been under the old wheels, I just never saw them before the old wheels came off....
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I might have just what you need, they’re black with the vintage Mazda logo.
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