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Preparing to do my first autocross in April...

I'd like to appropriately class my car ahead of time so I'm not too much of a fool when I show up, so here are my mods:

FM intake, except BOV
HKS Super Sequential BOV, venting to atmosphere
eBay intercooler
Koyo Radiator
Aluminum tape used to duct everything around the radiator I can think to duct

Speedhut boost gauge, mounted on the A-pillar
Hard Dog Hard Core single diagonal roll bar
Custom Pedal Covers
Foamectomy(drivers side only)
linear water temp gauge mod

Washer tank replaced with mountain dew bottle and relocated to the cowl area
EBC delete w/ resistor
deleted baby teeth
removed intake manifold brace

Things I'll probably do between now and then:
hood vent
ebay catless down pipe
seat brackets to lower the OEM seats a bit more and get rid of the sliders

suspension is all stock/original
tires are just kumho ecsta all seasons

car has 108k miles.

I'm pretty sure I have to go into street mod using this:

Thanks in advance for the input!

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B Street Prepared.
A lot of other guys in MSM's run BSP, so I kinda thought that, but then the list I linked from SCCA made me think otherwise, mostly due to the BOV and larger intercooler. :dunno:

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You can do anything you want between turbo and the head. You just can't touch either of those.

That worksheet is old and possibly not accurate in the first place. :lol:

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Ben is right. BSP is where it looks like you'll be.

At first I thought SSM, because turbocharged miata, but forgot that the MSM is normally ES without mods, and BSP like you have it set up.
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