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Im looking to get some quality photos of my car and YOURS!! Portraits and moving shots in the santa monica mts..

1) Preferably someone who has a cannon ex430 flash or better (I have one but 2 would be better for lighting, I have a wirless trigger with my 7d so no cords needed.

2) A Photo Pro, someone who wants to learn, or just a car guy with a flexible schedule. (Either weekday morning very am or sunset PM getting up there midday + a cny drive or Weekend morning (would prefer not because of all the traffic.

You will receive at least 1 11X14 Print for your time. and If you have a camera than what you shoot is yours :) If this works out I might make a photo day for club roadster guys and gals.

Reply here or message me.
Thanks! Below are a recent few of mine I dont have many others after upgrading to my 7D
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