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I just got a set of MSM Bilsteins, and I'm building coilovers out of them. I plan on getting them revalved at Bilstein. I already have coilover sleeves.

I'm looking for 6" 500 lb/in 2.5"∅ front springs, and 7" 325 lb/in 2.5"∅ rear springs. I may consider different rates and lengths if you have them to sell.

Also looking for 36mm bump stops, preferable FCM.

Lastly, I don't really care about top hats, as I already have stock NB hats (I don't plan on going real low), but if anyone has some their willing to throw away cheap, I'll take them. Even if their NA hats, I'll consider them, as I plan on just cut them up and reweld them. Even 2 hats will do, for the rears.
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