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Looking to sell. I need cash to go big daddy for FD.

Garage Autohero built 99 1.8
Begi IM
Flipside Ramhorn
70mm mustang tb
Tial 38
Vishnu rail
Rc 680's
Golden eagle vac block
Toyota COPS
Greddy type s
Adj cam gears
Huge Greddy core fmic
T2 custom adapter and trans
50 miles on new clutchnet custom clutch
Lw flywheel
Aem ecu tuned to bolt in 370/290
Aim dash
Wiring harness and switch panel. Hook up power and done
Dp/dumptube exhaust depending
Dope red wrinkle vc
Various piping/couplers/tbolt clamps
Have radiator too
Custom reroute
Alum driveshaft to mate to a t2 rear end. Have a spare subframe to bolt t2 rear in. Just need diff/axles and done

Prolly forgetting stuff. If serious and want details hit me up

$6000. Bolt in ready and done! Sick tuned. Plugs look new. Comp good. No smoke or weird ****. Solid setup. Save a shitton and could be installed/running in 1 day.

Located in Las Vegas


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Ugh there is 12k in parts there. Help me buy a quik change rear end and gforce dogbox!!

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Will this setup pass California smog? ;)


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Im going to give it a month then partout. Looses the awesomeness as some things just go together. But ill make more dough. This IS a steal though. **** buy it and part it yourself I dont care.

2500 motor
750 aem
750 dash
700 turbo
500 manifold
500 begi im and tb
Basically 6k not talking all the awesome stuff. Take and copy the t2 adapter plate. Actually I should. Have a feeling a partout is coming.
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