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Hey guys Im going nuts trying to fix this BP4W for a misfire in Cyl 4.

BP4W out of a 99
Rebuilt 2 years ago with the following
323 rods
oem pistons
oem piston rings
oem oil pump
oem waterpump
comestic headgasket
arp headstuds
arps rod bolts

head was bought secondhand from a motor that was recently rebuilt but bad rod bearing. Had machine shop go through the head while the block was there. they said everything was good just cleaned up.

I have a flashing check engine light for misfire in cyl4.
This is what I KNOW compression is very low in cyl 4 when cold like 50psi but once HOT its 130psi. Flashing check engine light tends to go away once car has been driven for a bit. Did a wet compression test and found problem is in the head. Did leak down test when engine was warm (this was before i found out the compression ****) but no leakdown wasnt more than 15%. going to have to get my hands on leakdown tester again and repeat test when car is cold.

Anybody have any ideas on what can be changing my compression numbers?! ive tried two compression testers to rule out faulty equipment. im thinking a gasket maybe head?!

Please help
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