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Quick question!

I've sourced myself a Corbeau Pro Race seat, side mounts, and my attempt at fabricating a subframe for it was a bit poor by pro standards, an its far too high and using the stock runners its still going to be too high, so I'd like to get some proper fixed side rails.

So yes, where on earth can I get side mount rails for an MX5? I can't find a reference anywhere onthe Corbeau site, and I missed Demon Tweeks, and no references on Miata net or FM...

Cheers chaps


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I would think just about any side mount bracket for a Miata would work. Since most brackets have slotted holes to allow for some for/aft adjustment they would also allow you to fit different seats that have the threaded inserts in a slightly different location. Check out Recaro, Bride Super Low Max, OMP, Cobra, Nielex, etc. Some side mount brackets are generic and you must drill the holes in the bottom part to match the mounting holes in your floor pan. Steel are heavier but much cheaper than aluminum.
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