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Hi guys, my name is Corey ].

When I was on the search for my real first car, I didn’t have any intention on getting a 2 seater roadster to drop the roof down on a Sunday and cruise through the countryside (although it is fun, it’s really not my thing) instead I was looking for a car with a great platform for me to work on, good aftermarket support and a body that to me is like a blank canvas that I can create the car I want from. The MX5 has nice lines and a good shape, but it’s pretty basic which was perfect for the plans I had for it. Once I got my provisional license I realised the MX5 is the perfect project for me, and they’re cheap, so I searched and searched for months for the perfect one and finally I found a 2001 MX5 NB8B (luckily) within my tight budget and I snatched it up.

Here is the car the day I brought it home. It was exciting to have it at the time but it doesn't do it for me on the looks.

Here is a list of modifications I have done to the car to date:

- Fixed back sparco seat
- Revlimiter vent rings
- 58Drive aluminum gas pedal TypeW
- Jass performance hardtop brackets
- Browns Davis rollbar
- 2" Shifter extender
- Carbon fibre gear knob
- Genuine Mazda floormats
- Pioneer f960dab GPS headunit
- Pioneer speakers + tweeters

- Jetstream Type-2 ducktail spoiler
- Rear bumper cut
- Rear tow hook
- Takata tow strap
- Offset number plate bracket
- Fenders rolled with slight pull
- Front bumper holes (possible duct for oil cooler)
- IL motorsport clear side indicators
- Front canards
- Painted headlight bezel black
- Hard top

- Polished valvecover
- Charcoal canister delete
- Washer fluid resivour delete (relocation)
- Rear muffler delete
- Heat wrapped exhaust
- Reservoir socks
- Dress up bolts

Wheels/Tyres & Suspension:
- 16x8 +15 ce86 reps with Achillies 205/45
- Yellowspeed dynamic pro ver.II coilovers
- Blox open ended lightweight lug nuts

I'll compile a few pictures of the car and update as the car progresses.


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Nice start!

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Heres a small project I just finished on my taillight which involved pulling it apart and fitting an LED into the factory reflector ring and also tinting the hazard and reverse lenses. heres the results. I'm pretty happy with it.


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Okay, good news guys! While I was in Brisbane to watch the Liverpool FC game, an exciting package arrived.

I purchased a stock SE turbo kit which included:
- SE manifold
- SE turbo
- SE lines
- SE banjo bolts
- SE brace
- SE heat shields
- SE mixing manifold
- SE heater outlet pipe
- AEM intake for SE with charge pipe
- Forge bullet blow off valve
- Flyin Miata inlet elbow
- Begi inlet elbow with MoTeC intake temp sensor bung

I couldn't help quickly polishing up the housing a little.

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