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Mazda FE3, Turbo, Rims, BBK, Misc miata parts


I have a variety of Miata parts for sale.

2001 Sport Calipers, low kms from US car. Mint, never used, cleaned up and painted caliper Red. cost me $250US

Baer BBK Fronts only, 12.5" rotors, drilled/slotted, twin piston front calipers, race pads, SS Braided Lines. retail for $1100 US Make offer

15" Advanti Tuner 6 Racing rims, 6.5" wide, 40 offset. $300

1.8 Miata open diff $100

1.6 Miata rear subframe, lower control arms, hubs, calipers, half shafts, PPF. taken off a higher mileage car. Make offer

1.6 motor with turbo, came out a mx3, so swap oil pan/intake manifold or slap turbo on your engine and keep this as a spare. $600obo

330cc PnP Injectors $100

Kia FE3 motor, with Mazda F2T, plan was to make a 2.2 DOHC stroker but went with a genuine FE3 motor, comes with Custom Steel Oil pan/pickup, custom motor mounts, FE3/Miata Intake manifold. Parts were Installed in my car and ran non turbo off the stock ecu with 1.6 components.
Also have available a proven 500+WHP sheet metal intake manifold for RWD Miata FE3 and fuel system components to match that power.
Went a Different route, email for more info/pics/price.

PnP MS1V3 for the 1.6 $550

also have Misc turbo, IC, injector, exhaust, email for more info.

The best way to reach me is email, [email protected]

601 - 609 of 609 Posts