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OK, Back in '04 I was modding my EVO VIII and the shop screwed it up royally :cry2:. I used the opportunity to buy a *beater* while my EVO was sorted out. I picked up a '92 Silverstone which I proceeded to modify and enjoy. This was my 3rd Miata so I already had the bug..

Anyway, a few years later under pressure from my better half (you gotta stop driving that old car, it's not safe!) I shipped the car to my son in Tacoma, WA. Fast forward a few more years and I sold my latest sports car ('09 C6 Z51) and my son told me that since I was without a sports car he would make me the same deal I made him and he'd ship it back if I paid for freight... I declined and instead flew over there to drive it back to Atlanta.

Anyway, I got it back here and decided that since the clutch was getting weak, I would go ahead and get an Exedy Stage 1 and what the hell, since the tranny would be out, might as well change the diff to a 4.1 Torsen LSD...
Before getting to the shop for the installation, I found that the steering rack boots were pretty well torn, so I replaced them and the rod end link boots too while I was at it. Then on to RSpeed...One thing led to another and parts broke during the diff install, etc. By the time my car rolled out of the RSpeed bay, I had done this:

  1. Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit for 1.8
  2. New rear main seal.
  3. 4.1 Torsen LSD, axles & driveshaft
  4. 1.8 rear uprights with new bearings (the old left side axle would not come out)
  5. 1.8 Brakes upgrade (well, might as well, had to change the rear uprights anyway)
  6. New slotted & coated rotors + new pads
  7. Lucas 75/90 GL4 gear oil in tranny and rear end
  8. Drain & refresh turret oil
  9. Replace upper & lower turret seals *and* new jute insulation
  10. New Mazda rubber pedal covers.
My seats are really tired and I heard about a pair of leather MSM seats, so....

In years past I had already done the 10 p.s.i. JRSC, JR header, KG Works instrument panel, UH & gauges bracket and even some Alfa Romeo mirrors among other things.

Now if only my wallet could handle it, the next step is a paint job, a new (used?) top, lowering the stance and getting some low offset wheels :mrgreen:.........
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