Creme Colored Roadster (NA) w/fender mirrors

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Check it out, that paint actually works man, i like it. :mrgreen:

uploaded pic to the JDM photo Album



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actually looks better than i thought.
and im digging those wheeeeels
Pepper White FTW!!!!!
HELL YEAH!!!! Creme color is teh win!
Another colour, sort of works in a retro sort of way (well 1970s Sweeny Granada way)


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the gold rims help pull off the brown paint. Thumbs up on that one! :)
I think that brown car looks ace ... if I had an open budget I would get my car reprayed in either a light brown mettalic or a lighter olive green mettalic ... something different that would still go with my tan interior
That cream color looks wonderful. Though, I personally would go more for an ivory... that cream is droolable.
i don't like it, reminds me of a colour old fiesta's came in or even better it is the SAME colour as my land rover series 3
very very nice, i have those same mirrors, anyone know who makes em?
On the cream car? Those are Talbot or Talbot copies.

Used in the 60s on Cobras, GT-350s, British sports cars...
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Well, we don't call these Talbots, but this is a pretty common aftermarket design in the UK; you get them cheap at shows:

These are referenced as "Mini" mirrors, and are possibly a variant on this mirror (basically the same head, with minor differences, with a special base to fit a Mini door)

$50 each. These Mirrors are as likely to come from the UK as anything else. Minis are pretty popular in Japan, and there is a healthy aftermarket industry selling parts familar to any Briton.

I think these pictures say it all:

ie. they have the look, but not too practical in a Roadster, judging by all the extra mirrors this guy needs to see around, and cover the blind spots.
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definately liking the creme.
I like wing mirrors, don't have to take your eyes off the road very much. I'd want electric one's though, I'm lazy that way.
I think that the creme color goes a long way towards giving the car a nice vintage look. I wonder how it'd look with green stripes. That'd really give it that classic, cool look.
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