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In case anyone in my local club needs legal advise, this is a great attorney im sure most of you guys know from meeting her at last weeks club meeting. Tim is working on her website now.

Claudia Echeverri-George, Esq. 813-334-6303 (cell)
Criminal Defense Attorney / Personal Injury

CLAUDIA ECHEVERRI-GEORGE, P.A. (Bilingual) English/Spanish
- Former State Prosecutor (has handled hundreds of misdemeanors and felonies including jury trials and non-jury trials)
- Misdemeanors (including all traffic offenses such as DUI, driving with suspended license, etc.
- Felonies
- Traffic citations
- Bond hearings
- Termination of probation hearings
- Seal/Expunction of criminal record
- Free Consultation
- Reasonable Fees
- Payment plans
- Credit cards

· Don’t plea without learning about your rights first!!
· Learn how your plea could affect your job or driver’s license (in some cases)
· You could qualify for Diversion Program
· Call her First! Always available.

Claudia Echeverri-George, Esq.
3111 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Suite 100
Tampa, FL 33607
Telephone: (813) 334-6303
Facsimilie: (813) 350-7801
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