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Hey everyone! Just been browsing the reviews section her on and saw that Croftgate's amazing vehicle detailing products had no mention. And being completely sold on the product, myself for nearly 3 years, I feel like it's definitely something worth telling everyone about!

Unfortunately, I just ran out of 2 of their products, Aquanil X and Quick n' Slick, so until I get more in my possession, I will not be able to "show" you all the results, myself :( But I will just as soon as my next batch arrives!

Aquanil X is a waterless wash and wax solution. The results you get from this product are simply phenomenal! It's quicker than the traditional method of cleaning your vehicle's exterior IMO and the results are top notch! Just apply a generous amount of the product to a microfiber cloth and spritz a bit on the body panel you are washing and wipe clean. Direction doesn't matter a bit. Go side to side.... do circles... draw something vulgar lol whatever floats your boat. After you wipe the panel down, take a clean, dry microfiber cloth and buff the area until it shines! the beauty of it is, this product will work regardless of how filthy your car's exterior may be.

Quick n' Slick is an exterior coating to be applied after using Aquanil X. It's a protective polymer coating that will get your paint so slick and smooth to the touch that any object left on any curved or slanted surface (I.e. hood or trunk) will slide right off. It's pretty awesome IMO.

All in all, this is a product that I love to death and will continue buying for the performance and quality that it offers! Both Aquanil and Quick n' Slick can be applied to any and all exterior parts of the car (Although I have not tried to apply it to the vinyl soft top), however both work amazingly on the windows, lights, and mirrors lol Rain-X eat your heart out too! It's brilliant stuff! And the reflection you get from the shine is awesome!

Will post pics ASAP!

If I had to rate this product from 1-10. It's easily a 10. I haven't really been able to find a downside to this company's products.

Check them out at They even have demo videos on the site so you can get an idea of how it works and what kind of results you can expect!
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