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After lurking in the Club Roadster shadows for a while I think its time to repost my build thread over here!

I am regular user of the UK car forum MX5 Nutz and my full build thread can be found here:

But if you don't want to view that heres a straight to the point thread of where my car has come from to where it is going!

The start:

I owned a black mk1 1.8 UK mx5 for a while but last winter managed to crash it and the cost of replacing it to my standard was going to be way too much so I instead decided to spend the money building an MX5 from the ground up the way I wanted it.

In april 2011 I bought this rust free 1.6 automatic from a breakers yard called PH Sports Cars.

Ok it was a bit ropey but the fact it was crash free and rust free was what I saw the potential in. Anyways from there I worked with the lads down there to strip it and rebuild it just how I wanted. This meant getting rid of the 1.6 and replacing it with a good low milage 1.8 and a manual gearbox.

I ripped the air con out, power steering and pretty much all other useless bits. I put the interior together with a collaboration of mk1 and mk2 bits. All the panels saw some attention and if they were major dinted or not how I wanted them I changed them leaving me with a very strange looking mk1

Ok moving along quite a bit I started to add my modifications from the previous 5.

Carrying on..

custom rear bumper

sexy wheels

Paint prep

Painted and then photo'd by myself for

A few more little modifications

Video'd by myself again for


lets get to present day... winter is here and even though we haven't seen snow yet we have had the grit lorries out so off came the wheels and on came the winter alloys and wax oil!

Future plans...

lots... just a case of money! would love to track it up, turbo it, lower it some more... loads of ideas to play with to be honest...

heres what I do know though...

new shoes for spring!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading it and there are MANY more photos at the MX5 Nutz link i posted at the top!

As you probs noticed I do my photos and videos for DropOut Media.

DropOut Media is a photography and videography company myself and a few mates set up the August just gone to feature modified cars at events and private photoshoots so please go check it out and follow the links to our flickr page and vimeo page for hundreds of photos and quite a few videos like the new MX5 Nutz Dyno Day http://
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