Custom headlight covers?

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Has anyone made headlight covers? I need to make some but have no clue how to even start it.
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I want a unicorn horn on both.
I need to add a hump or something like that. I also don't want to destroy the covers that are on them. There's also no miatas being parted out around here to take them. I would look at getting scoops but I'm going to have a bit of electrical under them.
Any ducts that extent an inch further out near the back?
A shop "miata specialist" takes all the miatas from junk yards and people then jacks up the prices on parts. They don't even have some covers
Haven't seen a single miata part out or parts on local Craigslist in months. I'll look around at ducts and maybe just seal off the opening or just cover the wires with something.
That or a way to just make some fiberglass ones or sonething like that.
I'm actually going to try something with spacers I might not need to get separate covers and keep it looking stock. Thanks for the help, I'll see how it goes.
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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