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Its been around a little while now, but this is D-Technique's modern interpretation of the M2-1001:

An interesting car mechanically; D-Technique opted for the B6 NB, because it was freer revving than the BP, and concentrated on weight reduction, rather than out and out power gains. As a result, they could keep the stock shocks, coupled with Racing Beat tuned springs (longer free length than stock!).

Less is more it seems.

Machine translations:

Ancient and modern east west, various opinions are thrown to the definition concerning the sport car, but we understood the sport car, made effort for the materialization conversion as though it is description below.

The ① sport car is not height of style and efficiency, it is something which acts in concert to the feeling of the user, ' opening ' it is possible heart.
② there when the dynamic rhythm which the framework framework it can point heart and the jacket whose tailoring is good the feather weaving, there must be a feeling good quality the way.

That masters the sport car, can do with the hand of the skill craftsman who participated in the front line of race/lace. As " the TD " of car name displays, it is the real parent of the ユーノスロードスター, Takeshi Hiroshi Tachibara which masters the sport car (Tatibana wide) with, race/lace experience it is abundant high it to be possible, interest Hiro (it was possible and did and it was produced by the wide) 2 people. Together, you know the roadster and betting on pride as the professional who is exhausted, you select, develop the part, there is no all compromise in the prejudice.

As for based vehicle NB6C. The lightweight B6 engine which it turns lightly there are 5 speeds MT which are matured, the running which is the rhythm which righto eight sport seems is the car of charm.

As for the engine be able to advance job due to the hand of the craftsman who becomes skillful, to unite the working accuracy, at the level whose race/lace car level is high. The general road, repeatedly it tests chassis setting winding of course even with the circuit and ripening it is something which is made to form.
This car is something which you think we want us himself, the M2 -1001 there are some which it closely resembles there. We would like you to taste 1 unit which is this value by all means.
Takeshi Hiroshi Tachibara
/ it to be possible, interest Hiro

Engine details
- Compression ratio was raised.
- Flywheel 15% reduction (7.2kg 6.1kg).
- It does the balance taking around the crank, actualizes smooth feeling. Attaching the crank and the flywheel, you took dynamic * balance.

< Inhalation system >
- It prevents the output decrease at the time of high temperature by absorbing the output improvement and the fresh * air of the high rotary limits with the reduction of the inhalation passage to direct.
- Filter * element in K&N make modification. In addition the large-sized air * box of the carbon make was adopted, improvement of torque was assured.
- It corrected the head port and the adjusting difference in level of the manifold, made smooth inlet pipe diameter.

< Exhaust type >
- Utilizing exhaust pulsation, in order to assure torque rise, you adopted the manifold of マキシムワークス make 4 - 2 - 1 types.
- Output improvement of the high-speed limits was assured with adoption of the vehicle inspection corresponding type sport catalyst.

In addition, it executed the various tests, it judged it is the setting whose combination of the racing beat make private spring and the genuine damper is optimum. As for spring rate genuine approximately 25% rise. Approximately it considers also the weight distribution which depends on the axle. You could obtain the kind of effect which strengthens also the damper relatively as for the damper it continues to be normal but, with the light weight conversion of the vehicle, not only the spring. Also the alignment having set and modifying in exclusive use.

The ポテンザ RE of the high grade radial tire - also combination of the private wheel of the 01r and the lightweight RAYS plays Isao, contributes to the improvement of comprehensive efficiency.

Spring rate F3.7kgf / mm * R2.6kgf / mm
(STD F2.9kgf / mm * R2.1kgf / mm)
- Spring free length:
F270mm * R280mm
(STD F254mm * R261.5mm)
The Bridgestone * ポテンザ RE - 01r
205 / 45r16 * 83w

- The FRP make front bumper extends the nose from normal, guarantees sufficient down fourth.

- As for FRP make rear bumper overhang section from normal 30㎜ shortening. By the fact that it can point to the rear section clearly, the rear fender originally pulls out from the beauty which it had.

- The small-sized rear spoiler contributes to the rationalization of lift balance front and back. The trunk lid makes the lightweight carbon, make lightens of the rear bumper plus and looking back characteristic when travelling improves.

- The FRP make side skirt under the floor makes the flow of the air of the air and the body side separate which flow, selects the form which makes turbulence decrease. It contributes to synthesis travelling efficiency improvement by the fact that air resistance is decreased.

- As for headlight unit in one for TD-100C1r new design. The line to the fender, to be more beautiful has become the extension and kana ones from the nose which by the fact that the light/write is covered with the cover, is extended.

- As for tire the highest peak of スポーティラジアル, the Bridgestone * ポテンザ RE-0C1r, 205/45-16. The aluminum wheel adopted the lightweight raising make CE28 of forging.

FRP make front bumper
FRP make side skirt
FRP make rear bumper
FRP make rear spoiler
Carbon make trunk lid
シビエ make headlight unit
Lightweight aluminum wheel

- The seat adopted full bucket type. As for the epidermis the alkane tare which has comfort. The arrival sitting position position approximately 30㎜ is lowered, the スポーティ driving position high hold characteristic is actualized. You adopt the special urethane, you have become the design which is considered even in comfort of the long distance drive time. It contributes to also light weight conversion largely with the FRP make (the manufacturer: S rate).
- Door * panel in simple form modification. Stylish with the スポーティ it made the design which is compatible.
- You remove the center console, lock the private carpet with the ring of the aluminum. It is relocating the power window & the switch under the center panel.
- The shift knob of the aluminum make and the boots of this leather make were adopted.
- The parking brake lever made the aluminum make, the boots made this leather make.
- The private lightweight floor mat option was set.
- The private vehicle inspection proof inserting option was set.
- This leather winding steering wheel * wheel option was set.

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roadsternut said:
Less is more it seems.
Yes, most definitely. I wish that Mazda would offer this type of product directly, especially in the USA. The concept is great and is closer to what I would want in a simple roadster. While it's fun to modify it would be neat to be able to buy something off the showroom floor that I can finance and enjoy exactly as is. It's so heartbreaking to see all the neatest iterations of the Miata end up elsewhere in the world.

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Professor Dwight said:
Reputedly, Mzda made 200 or so sopies of the MPS, priced at about $35K for JDM.
Any links. I have only heard rumnour, and nothing more than that. The MPS used a 2.0 liter engine, which had a lot of problems getting through emissions.

What you might have been thinking of is the Mazdaspeed NB, which was 200 units only.

This is really just a NB, with the bolt on bodykit straight out of the catalog, and Mazdaspeed's Touring -kit parts. At least one of these has made it to the UK, and was able to be registered. claimed the MPS was a full model;

But remember, reported this as the NC;

Mazda in Japan produced two versions for the shows; the familar 2.0 orange version in 2001, then a silver racer-version (complete with race numbers) 1.8 version in 2002, but by then, the NB-FL was about, making this car a lame duck. The 185PS 1.8 version made an outing at the 2002 Tokyo Auto-Salon, but that was it

It was announced it was to appeal to clubman racers, but in actuality, the NR-A was that; with the more revvy B6 motor, stock body (racers don't want to be messing with expensive custom panels), and 1.8 braking package.

THe "MPS" moniker was a creation of Peter Birtwhistle at Mazda Europe (and behind the original Mazda6 MPS). At the time, mazda was undecided whether to use Mazdaspeed or MPS as its performance brand. Mazdaspeed saw some use on the Roadster and Miata turbos, but it looks like MPS is finally becoming the global branding.

I'm prepared to be corrected, but I don't think the Roadster MPS was ever built beyone 1 or 2 cars in the studio; there might have been some consideration, and perhaps a bit of testing the water unofficially with At a NC styling clinic I attended in 2001, and Mazda Frankfurt, Peter Birtwhistle (head of Mazda's European design house) was doubtful the MPS would be made. He revealed to us a styling kit that Mazda had every intention of becoming a dealer-fit kit (on a yellow painted car), and it was clearly inspired by the MPS; with a revised facia, which arch extensins, and a revised rear bumper, with an exhaust exit through the centre in the shape of two stacked tailpipes. Problem was, it looked really tacked on; especially the arches.

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where can you buy the mps?
Click here to read more about the Mazda MPS show car. I have no idea where it is now or who it belongs to. That's not to say that it won't ever be for sale (the 2005 Roadster Coupe Trial Version show car was for sale in Japan a year or two ago) but few have the commitment or resources necessary to purchase the car and be able to enjoy it here in the USA. The closest you'll get to making your own NB look like the MPS is fitting the TD-1001R kit and modifying it further.

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so does anyoen know how much this bumper will be?
Expensive. If you follow the link in the very first post you'll see that the front bumper costs ¥362,250 in Japan which is $3,038 US dollars. By the time you import it, paint it and fit it to your own car you're probably looking at around $4.5-$5k which is comparable to the PCR.

Other parts necessary for the complete TD-1001R conversion:

TD side step kit

TD rear bumper kit

TD carbon trunk

TD rear spoiler
Carbon trunk private design. The normal trunk it cannot jointly use.

TD light/write weight HID kit

TD private door panel
¥109,200 (FRP make)
¥151,200 (carbon make)

TD private door pulling handle

TD leather winding roll bar cover

TD center console less kit

TD center console panel NB

TD aluminum shift knob
¥8,925 (small)
¥10,500 (large)

TD lightweight floor mat

TD complete engine
¥700,000~ (TD-1001R specifications)

TD fresh air BOX

TD exhaust manifold 4-2-1

TD connecting pipe 50φ

TD muffler siren sir

TD custom-made height adjustment type suspension kit (PCR make)
¥480,900 Aluminum TUF processing specification
¥454,650 Aluminum black hard alumite specification

TD aluminum wheel CE28N
¥48,300 each x 4 = ¥193,200

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The RD-1001R is beautiful from a performance standpoint in my eyes. They take the rev-happy 1.6, put it in teh classy NB, up the compression for even more kick, lighten the flywheel, and then slap in some carbon fiber body panels and lightweight racing seats. Oh and to top it off they add Volk CE28s!!!
Absolutely beautiful. I may not like the headlights but who the heck cares?? It's perfect.

Now, does anybody have any more info or know of a site for the 02' MPS? I'm loving the body work they did. That coupled with the roll cage, seats, and wheels makes one heck of a good looking car... what was it used for if it did get used?
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