damnit can't decide what wheel color..

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Got a red NA. coilovers so i can have the stance and everything else is in order... car will get the tuckin style flares and prolly be left black maybe paint red down the road.. the wheels im talking about are the sportmax...

wheels will be either black/gold/silver with the polished lip..

car will be running stock hood and sometimes a carbon hood. has black hardtop but with the new cage that will only be on sometimes...

I really think the red with gold looks killer plus not many people with that combo. This will be strickly for street use only. if i ever didnt like em or wanted to change they would swap over to my 95m car and look hot with the merlot.. just a bonus for later if needed be..

the wheels now are black. been done 100 times, but still would look good with the ht,hood,flares.. hmmmm

silver just for a clean typical look nothing to dramatic....

anyone with some pennies to share?
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Paint the flares to match the car. Just don't bondo. Leave rivits. Get the gold wheels with polished lip. I know what you are saying about the black wheels tieing in with the hardtop and whatnot, but, also like you said, black wheels are soooo done. That and they just don't have the same pop at night. There, thats my $.02 ;)
Wow everybody getting these sportmax's. I was in the same boat you were in with the classic red color. At first i decided on gold (special edition) but they were hard to get so i ended up with black. I choose black due to me having a primer hardtop (black soon) and my fender flares.

I also think red and black makes a great color combination even though played out.
Gold or bronze.
gold, they would look sick on the merlot too.
alright so ordered the gold... see how it turns out... If not cool on the red ill switch over to the 95m... That forsure has got to look good.

i plan on going with 225 something tires so the stretch wont be so bad...
what tires do you have in mind?
well local guy here just had a set of half worn 205/50 615's for like 50 bux so gonna pick those up so i can at least mount the wheels and play with camber/hieght a bit to see what works and what will ne to be worked... im hoping for nothing to serious like r compound so maybe toyo t1r/s03's/es100/nt450/spoty9000ish somethings.... will depend on what car they will be going on to. if they find their way to the stock powered 95m then something not sticky at all so i dont loose ALL the fun...
Black is played out if you're worried about Keepin' Up With The Joneses but I will always love my black wheels. Sure, it's humiliating when ricer Civics take their hubcaps off to run black steelies in a weak attempt to mimic the look and there are some whack looking black alloys out there, too. But this sort of thing happens with most any trend. The absolute best thing about black wheels is the fact that I don't have to constantly clean the brake dust off them. They get the RJDM badge of approval for being highly functional and since they're classic 8 spokes and rare (I've only ever seen 1 other set) I get even more props.

I think it's good to have multiple sets of wheels to suit changing preferences and needs. But my vote would be the silver/gray color that Mr. Woolery has. Silver is a classic color and should be a staple in anyone's wheel diet. Try to limit your intake of black, gold, bronze, etc. wheels to keep your cholesterol down.
I agree. I loved my black wheels, but Whenn I started seeing hummers on black 24's... yuck. Silver is nice, but comes on every friggin car. Gunmetal, bronze/gold are good.

For the record I have a set of silver, black, and gunmetal wheels... and I'm thinking of refinishing the black ones in gold..
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