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i think these gauge pods need to be reproduced, they were made so nice and they looked allmost stock....i talked to the guy at east coast miata and he said some british guy made them and now is not made anymore, that is the 4th time ive seen them. if my pic does not show look at the car at east coast want one, they would sell i think
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Just an FYI. I remember looking into these pods a while back, and I remember hearing that there was a pod that was designed for a Ford Mustang, of all cars, that fit above the console quite well in the Miata. I honestly couldn't tell you if it looked the same or what though.

Like so??
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i found that one to...but that wouldnt fit over the center dash.....i dont think...looks nothing like the one im talking about
Just searched mustang gauge pods on google and came across that one, ah well.
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