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Do you know what I am, son? A college student. Do you know what I don't do? **** like this: "i am a college student im going to run 15x8 no offsent xxr 002 with 195/45/15 with rolled fenders. im not going to track or anything. just for stance. so which of the 2 should i get please let me know asap."

Let me explain something to you. Unless you were given the car for free, then at one point it is very safe to assume you spent at least $1,000 on the car itself. Especially in today's Miata-Turned-Honda scene, where everyone is a "college student going to run 15x8 no offsent xxr 002 with 195/45/15 with rolled fenders." Miatas these days run at least $3,000. You spent that money once, now do it again to do **** right.

You want my opinion on Racelands? They fucking blow. I have ridden in a Miata with them and it was absolutely horrible. But the stupid kid who had them didn't know the real deal, so ignorance is frame-scrapingly blissful.

Listen. I am not trying to be a ****. I want the best for this scene (and you, believe it or not). DON'T BUY INTO STUPID FUCKING TRENDS. You know why? There is a textbook example of this in my home town. There's this stupid fucking kid who did "15x8 no offsent xxr 002 with 195/45/15 with rolled fenders" with Racelands and eBay hardtop spoiler, eBay side splitters, eBay steering wheel, the whole fucking shennanigan. You know what?

People hate him and his stupid fucking car.
It's not original.
It is the embodiment of eveything that's wrong with the younger kids in the car crowd today.
It is the embodiment of what gives legitimate imports a bad name.
It is the embodiment of cheap, fast, yoloswag "feature me stanceworks" bullshit.

If you are a college student, for Christ's sakes, please act like you are going for higher education and not fucking core classes to make mom happy.

Type like you are given a full fucking keyboard.
A few keystrokes isn't going to kill you.
I get it. Twat, er, Twitter. Instagram. #shortcuts. #160 characters. CELL FUCKING PHONES.

Let me explain something to you from a college student who is running Chaparrals and Tiens - no, from a college student about to graduate and has been there, done that.

Language is the link to intelligence. You think human beings evolved to the top of the world through fucking fire? Hell no. It's because they could communicate their ideas fluently.

I know it sounds a bit absurd (even asinine) to type correctly on the internet when "i know how 2 type good in school." But this is your fatal flaw. Because you're wrong, and so is anyone who has this mentality. If you're not going to do this, at least proof read your goddamn posts.

Seriously, try some grammar sometime and you will become more clear headed and your critical thinking skills will fly through the roof. You might even buy some real car parts after that. Language equals intelligence, and if you let language suffer, then your intelligence drops. This is why everyone is such a fucking moron these days. Notice how smart people at least attempt to convey themselves in a fluent manner?

****, man.

Buy some nice parts.

You think Revlimiter got to where he is today by starting from racelands and 002s? The same fucking setup every cheap Miata has?
Enjoy your stay.
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