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Complete Part out, Please move to for sale

Im debating parting out my car, I have a 2 month old daughter and I just spent a large amount of money on the car with all the new Aftermarket parts and then 2 weeks later the motor let go.
Now ive got quite a lot of money tied up in the car, and I dont have the money right now to fix it and a big decision for me to make.
Part of me wants to keep the car and fix it, the other part of me is saying I need to be responsible and sell the car and get something that my daughter can atleast ride in but that I wont go insane driving everyday. I have my eye on a car but im not sure if I want to sell this and buy it or sell parts of this and buy it.
So basicly this is here to see what people are interested in and what would be comitted to sell right away.
I would need atleast the major parts commited for to start the part out.
All prices listed are USD $ and do NOT include shipping or PP fees.
I will ship anything at your expense.

All parts are for/from a 94 Miata and should bolt to 90-97
Aftermarket parts
These have less then 200miles on them
TRM C1 15x8 225/50/15 kuhmo escta ast $650 PENDING
megan racing street coilover 10k/8k $850

These have 0 miles on them never installed
949 stage 1 brake kit carbotech street pads $350
fm sway bars $175
full fm bushing set $170 pending
clutch slave cylinder $10
949 race clutch line $30 pending

these have less then 50 driving miles on them
slick auto carbo mirrors $275
momo start 2007 seat $315(seat is brand new in wrap)

these have around 3000miles on them(about 6months in the car)
act hd 4puck clutch $125 pending
act prolite flywheel $125 pending
walboro 255lph $60
megasquirt 2 $150 really needs to be re done
prosport water temp gauge $30 pending
prosport wide band $125 pending
hdhcsd roll bar $375 PENDING WITH $50 coupon(was bought used but is in good condition)

Stock parts
99 head and intake mani $350 (around 130k miles, has been gasket matched, i would change valve seals other then that its good to go.)
99 trans $200 (slight grind going into 5 sometimes)
valve cover $50
tail lights $70 pair
filler panel $40 (damaged around left taillight but can be repaired)
autokonexion v1 trunk $150 PENDING
battery $40 (about 6months old from Autozone)
gas tank $40
gauge hood $60
turn signals $15 pair
marker lights $15 full set
soft top $175 (keeps you dry, isnt new but in good condition)
hood $50 Needs work and paint, front was bent to match bumper
doors $100 pair partially gutted
control arms $80 full set PENDING
sub frames $30 each
1.8 diff + axles $200 needs seals and was welded
rear bumper $35
black carpet $50 under seats and rear deck
pop ups $60 pair with lids(painted sprited green)
stock sways $40
starter $25
coil $40
cas $30 broken plug but works
radiator and fans $50 shows alittle bit of age but works good
stock wheels $150
stock dash $40
tombstone $30
center consle $20


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Its a black hub, the center of it where the contacts from the horn bolt has been bored out so the thin hub and quick release work together, but if i remember right its just on the quick release side.

and yes its an autokonexion v1

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Okay sorry I just saw that the horn wiring is messed up on the hub, that's not gonna work for me. What condition is the trunk in? It looks unpainted. And can you give me a shipping quote on it to 29803?
its unpainted just like it comes from AK, UPS ground shipping is $40 so $190 shipped.
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