Demo Detail

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Genish did this for me. A very experienced detailer. Miata MX5 is his name on RD.

Its the hot set up. If your in socal, contact this guy he will make your car happy with shine and bright!

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Simply beautiful, Paul!

Have you given any thought to low-profile headlights?

I'm struggling to think of anything I'd change on your car...

(the highest of compliments)

Dude...where'd you get your AIM name decal'ed? Nice touch!

I need my own crew so I can have decals made!
Looks good, did they use an orbital buffer on the paint?
Dude...where'd you get your AIM name decal'ed? Nice touch!

I need my own crew so I can have decals made!
I think a member of the GF crew is in the sticker biz. Right?
nice but you missed a bit on the black sill!!!

anyway, what do you use to clean your the rims on your rims, i need to polish mine up
Awesome finish mmmm now how do i get this guy to the UK :D :D :D
Looking sweet, white Roadsters for the win!
I can do whomever wants their car done. For out of country requests. Pay my airfare and you get the detail for free. :D

For pauls car i colorsanded with 3000 Grit and buffed it out with Autoglym Compound + Wax.

Here is another red miata i colorsanded. This one had bad paint, so it needed some 2000 Grit love.


Dont worry about the front bumper, no clearcoat left on it, its officially dead. RIP.
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Those Azenis look pretty dead, too :(

One of these days, I gotta hire out one of the guys in my club. Supposedly he's good, but not this good!
how much if i take my miata to you, its not in that bad of shape?
Man, I need to find a detailer this good in Portland.
I usually run a FULL EXTERIOR DETAIL (when i mean full exterior detail, i mean colorsanding/buffing) for around 130 bucks or so for a miata.

I will do pretty much all in my power to make your paint look the way you want. If the clear is dead, there would not be much i could do...sorry.

However, if you are doubtful...hit me up on AIM at TRD0524, or shoot me a PM with some pics of your paint. I would be more than happy to tell you whatever you need to know. please try to include bumper shots, i know the paint is really weak there on these cars.

I would be more than happy to teach or work with anyone if they wanna know how to maintain their paint or if they want me to do some work for them.

Those Azenis look pretty dead, too
They look like mine!!

Is color sanding possible on a clear coat car?
Colorsanding is meant for clearcoats. When they paint your car, they usually put a good 5-7 thick layers of clear on your car. What happens when your car looks like **** is usually the top layer of clearcoat or some of the top layer is dead/faded etc...

Colorsanding means you sand away the clear with 1500-3000 Grit sandpaper, that way you kill the dead paint and remove it. Now you will have all those sand/scratch marks. You would then use a cutting compound and a buffer and heat up the clearcoat with it and blend it all together. That way you buff off the scratches and then reveal fresh clearcoat.

Colorsands are Rarely done on paint as they are hard, take time and effort. But if a colorsand is done right, and if you maintain your car. It is only needed once.
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