Did the Cosmo 21

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Ever make it into production for the JDM?

I know it was rumoured at about $50K and in very limited (<100) numbers. But did it?

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I have no idea but that car is so cool. The wheels look like giant flywheels.
Rotary goodness, too.
man i would pimp the **** outta that car, that is bad ass.

I'd wear a silver suit with that!

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ill bet you could build one............. just need to source the parts, and a 20B would be nice in there too :twisted: The interior setup , and exterior doorline are 100% NB Roadster.

that is mad hot... I'd like to see on all vip'd out..

what am I saying... Its hot as it is...

look at the roofline, and the doors... I think its all reskinned NB roadster coupe.
And the rear package tray area... door pulls, console, stereo surround...

Looks a lot like the old Cosmo. I like it!
look at the roofline, and the doors... I think its all reskinned NB roadster coupe.
I'm not the only one who noticed...
not as far as I am aware, but you have to love those nakamae interior bits :lol:

... sawtooth fabric type R bucket seats anyone !!?
It remained a one-off, and predated the Roadster Coupe by a couple of years.

Specs from Japanese press release

Engine RENESIS 13B 654cc x 2rotor
184kW (250PS) at 8,500rpm
220Nm (22.4kg-m) at 7,500rpm
Gearbox 5 speed
Wheels 17x7JJ
Tyres 215/40 ZR 17

More pictures

Like the Coupe, this was built by Mazda E&T, which was kind of Mazda's specialist coachbuilding arm, churning out truck bodies, hearses etc I think its a bit of a geek's car, bit like the Nissan Be-1, S-Cargo and Figaro series. I don't think Mazda had any intention of putting this into production' besides the substantial sheet changes, there is also the small matter of the Renesis engine. Note, this car is still on regular MX5 brakes and hubs, not onto the 5-stud RX7/RX8 hubs. It probably didn't stop too well. I know at this time, Mazda were tinkering about what powerplant would go into the NC; 4-pot, V6 or Renesis were all considered, so something like this might have been produced to gauge reaction to a Rotary-engined Roadster.
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Stay the course dwighty....

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^^^Good Lord, that HAWT!!! :shock:
Stay the course dwighty....

Probably the nicest miata ever! Who's is that?
Not a fan of the "Drooping" exhaust (especially that it's a set of duals), but the rest of the car is doing something for me, that's for sure.

Would like to see those seats up close.
The Italia kit sure looks good in silver...
right click, save as*

liking that italia kit!!
Here you go Nick... the Italia that's in CMC.

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Shame X-Wing isn't around here. I've been considering driving 1.5hrs to Columbus (OH) just to see his beautiful Italia :)
The Italia kit is now called the Retroforza Italia, and is being made in the UK:

Note, they're working on a Coupe version. Some mock-up pictures that will give an idea:

Note, they intend offering the coupe hardtop as a seperate part, so it could fit, with some work, other Roadster. Home-brew M2-1008?

Someone out there must like it.... :?
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