DIY finally running!

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I finally got it running! Now I have the power to go with the look! Still have a couple things I want to install(intercooler, boost controller, ext.) but for now its running like a greddy at 6 psi with no intercooler and retarded timing.

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Greddy tubular racing manifold with external wastegate. Its a bitch to find...
You need an intercooler like a fat kid needs cake! ;)

16G's a nice turbo... congrats!
definatley not the slowest miata now!! got a shiftknob? j/k looking good betrayed, the manifold is hot.. come to the next meet, that road is insane
Where DID you find that manifold? I've never seen it before.
I got lucky. A friend had it, was going to run it, but then got a free 1.8 drivetrain and decided to go with that instead. Picked up it and the turbo for 600 after it sat on several forums for several months with no interest.
Wow, that IS lucky. I've never even SEEN one of those before. That's a great deal! Probably dosen't work with AC, does it?
Im not sure. I removed the AC and Power steering a bit ago.
the placement is alot better than the megan racing setup esp when the bracke resevior and lines are concerned.
I really like the lower placement in comparison to the greddy/megan/ect....

bairly a 45 degree angle on the dp
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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