DIY Paint Job...Progress & Updates ^-^

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Sup dudes (and dudettes, if any)...

Anyways, a few months ago, people were talking about a DIY paint job method using rollers...topic was here & on

So, I decided to try it out. I've been making very slow progress because I don't have a garage...and have been taking off pieces one at a time & bringing inside my apartment to paint (and dry & paint & dry).

Well, I'm still not finished, but thought I'd update a little...

1) So far, I've painted: gas-lid, trunk, hood, front fenders, rear center panel

2) I'm trying different mixes (ratio) of colors...its different shades on purpose, I'll recoat everything at once later

Tell me what you guys would be appreciated (even negative ones)...THANKS!!!


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Hey, were you driving in downtown santa anna a few hours ago? I saw a miata that was painted the same color.
Hey, were you driving in downtown santa anna a few hours ago? I saw a miata that was painted the same color.
If you're talking to me, Ben...then no, it wasn't me. My car is actually not running at the moment.

So...there's ANOTHER light green Roadster running around, huh? Hmmm....that bugs me for some reason! Hahahaha...LOL

Yeah, from what I saw the color looked almost identical and I think part the the trunk wasn't fully painted either........ :-k maybe someone saw this thread and saw how good the color looked and copied you. [-(
Hehehe...well, if that is true, then I guess I have nothing I can do except take it as a compliment...^-^

Gotta look at things from the bright side, y'know?

Thanks again for the kind words, they inspire me to keep going & finish it! Gosh, you can't imagine how easy it is to procrastinate & want to just quit everytime I think about "should I paint some more today?"
so how do you go about doing the door jams and all the smaller non flat areas with a roller ?
under hood, inside trunk, etc...

just a smaller roller maybe ?
you use a foam brush. Just wipe over it a bunch of times to make sure you get out all the tiny bubbles. It will self level after that, and then wetsanding gets it flat the rest of the way. The key to these DIY jobs with rustoleum or brightside is in the wetsanding. It will make or break the finish. But then thats not too much different than a spray job. its been about a month since the last update. I've been messing around w/ different shades of color...many of my friends were telling me that my previous shade was too bright, and I realized that once I brought the car out under the sun. You see, this whole time, I've only seen the car under the shade of my car port where I've painted (and taken the pictures you've all seen).

So, today, I decided to paint over some existing panels & took some pictures out under the sun. What do y'all think?

**You can see a little bit of the old shade on the rear bumper**

Feedback invited...


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Looks like scrubs (medical clothing) green! It also has a sort of "primer" tone look to it, too. Interesting. Are the pics capturing the color/shade properly?
How many coats of the Rustoleum do you have on the car so far?

The bottom of the door looks like it still needs another coat to get full coverage.

Is the lighter bit at the tip of the front fender a reflection? It looks like there is a bit of orange peel there. How often are you wet sanding? Between every second coat, or not at all so far?

It is certainly an interesting color.
Interesting...I wonder how the texture is going to come out.
Lookin good. :)

It's also possible to use an HPLV gun with the rustoleum paint. Iirc it tells you how to thin it on the back of the can so that it doesn't clog the gun. A few people on HT have done it that way and it looks really good.
Darkened up the mix even further these past couple of days...recoated most panels & started on the front bumper...


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nice, its lookin better and better each time, but I guess thats how the process goes huh? lol
wow, good stuff. I might go this route to paint my hardtop black
Lookin' Mentos Fresh!!!

I dig it.
looking real good, better than my integra. i didnt wetsand in between coats and that is key to this paint.
Lookin' Mentos Fresh!!!

I dig it.
New car nickname :)

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This whole concept is a great idea. Paint work is sooo damn expensive unless you know someone or you can diy. I am really considering doing this to my 91 in the near future. Also I am kinda digging that color it sorta reminds me of the RS Aizawa roadster. Keep up the good work.
Wow that looks awesome :D
I wasn't to sure about the colour when you initially posted, but I really like it now. :)
wow looks really nice!
Have you done any body or paint work before? Cause I'd imagine the prep work must be vital to the paint coming out that nicely. Can you share alittle of your prep work process?
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