DIY Paint Job...Progress & Updates ^-^

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Sup dudes (and dudettes, if any)...

Anyways, a few months ago, people were talking about a DIY paint job method using rollers...topic was here & on

So, I decided to try it out. I've been making very slow progress because I don't have a garage...and have been taking off pieces one at a time & bringing inside my apartment to paint (and dry & paint & dry).

Well, I'm still not finished, but thought I'd update a little...

1) So far, I've painted: gas-lid, trunk, hood, front fenders, rear center panel

2) I'm trying different mixes (ratio) of colors...its different shades on purpose, I'll recoat everything at once later

Tell me what you guys would be appreciated (even negative ones)...THANKS!!!


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+1 B1M2X3, thats an outstanding color!
MAN!!! i love your car. i've always loved it. looks fantastic!

question: are you still gonna put them red rims on it? it'd be lookin A-ok!
MAN!!! i love your car. i've always loved it. looks fantastic!

question: are you still gonna put them red rims on it? it'd be lookin A-ok!
NAautoxer...THANK YOU for the kind words, I really loved those rims alot too (even if they're knockoffs).

Unfortunately, back in January this year, I woke up one Sunday morning about to go to church...when I realized my car was up on 3 cinder blocks - my rims got jacked!

I think I will probably get another set of the same rims, but this time in Silver or perhaps Gold. I wanna finish all the other stuff first though (painting, motor swap, etc.). Don't worry, I will definitely be posting pix as soon as I'm done...keey an eye out! ^-^

Thanks again!

the mint reminds me of fender strats.

now you just have to paint the top white, then you'd be lookin like a p i m p..

great job =D>
i like it! if i had the chance and if my paint wasnt in good condition i would paint mine like a military green
I hear ya on that.

Nice job too b1m2x3
ouch! didn't know about the stolen rims. that hurts...

anyways, i think you should stick with red rims. it'll make the color "pop" yo.

btw, fakes are cool. why? cause you don't have to worry about trashing originals, and when you bust one draggin the tire in the ditch in a corner, you can just replace!
i'm going to be doing this later this spring maybe early summer. I'm suscribed to this thread so keep it coming :)

I see you have a '05 too - except mine's an IP Sedan 6MT. Where in CA are you? Did you ever go on

Anyways, just thought I'd say what's up since I saw your sig/pic...

If it wasn't 18 degrees out, i'd run to the store and do something like this myself. I really like it, and i'm not even a green person. I guess i like anything that's not a typical factory color.

I'm having withdrawals from not working on my car... and i've been unemployed for negative 4 minutes and i'm going insane already #-o
No updates...but its my day off & I found a nice spot to take some pix...

By the way, SoCal peeps...we should gather here one day (during the daytime) & line up all the cars & take some group photos!!!

**on Grand Avenue, in Diamond Bar...forgot the name of the park**

Enjoy ^-^


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LOOK @ this parking lot...and this isn't even a very good shot of it...there are rarely any cars here...

Its inclined/tilted...and we if all parked neatly slanted next to each other ( / / / / / ), we could get a really sweet shot w/ either houses behind us, or mountains (opposite side, not shown in picture)!!!

How about Sunday, March 4th??? Anyone down for a little daytime cruise/photo shoot?




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so I might be alone in this, but I really like the slight variation in tones, looks cool

Im pumped everytime I see a new pic of your car.
Selling it?

Hope you get another one once you get things worked out man, I would have loved to see this one finished
The Miata is looking really nice. I hope to see some finished photos.
dang, that's pretty sweet
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