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thanks for the comment lads, like i said im in ireland and it was costly enough to make one set, but not that difficult. im seriously considering making a set from mdf to use as a mould for some carbon fibre alternative but still have to do a lot of reading up on how to diy that material.
Do it. Make a left and right sideskirt. Then go make a solid mold that you can create a breakapart around, buy rubber mold making stuff (maybe a different material is required for fibre glass) and go from there. It's not cheap. My friend does mold making and rubber castings for concrete furniture pieces. It's not cheap and it's labour intensive. Better to find a material that can be cut on a CNC. Someone in the UK should do it, until there's a distributor there. I just paid around 100 to get Gfusers shipped to Vancouver. But I like to support the guys that are doing it proper.
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