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Do-Engineering make the Mazdaspeed C-Spec Roadster body.

Furukauru Roadster Model
¥ 987,000 will be sold prices (tax included)
Will bring our total work either by car ※.
Registered Vehicles Change ※, except with added paint

Furukauru Kit
• One-piece hood and front fender front fender, removable
• Change the design front spoiler, reducing lift and improving cooling performance
• Integrated design side step, front and rear fenders, reducing drag & lift
• Rear fender and bumper design redesigned, expanded vehicle width
• Rear ducktail spoiler
• Pre-headlight CIBIE
• Other unique tail light lamp, brake lights, turn signals, lights number, change reverse light

Additional equipment
• Tire DUNLOP DIREZZA DZ101 (214-45-16)
• Disc wheels DUNLOP DIREZZA RZF (16-7JJ, +25)
• VELIAS supplementary light
They also provide full tuning services including engine building and race support.

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Duraluminum oil cap in silver, gold or blue
Direct replacement for OEM Mazda Miata p/n 0453-10-250A

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NC front lip and rear spoiler

Doable front lip and rear spoiler for NC Roadster

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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