Doep Sh*tzzz!

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I know all of you read more than just one automotive board. Let's post up all those dope pics of cars that are saved in your computer. Regardless of make or style. If you think it's sweet, then post it up. I'll start.

Miata content.
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OMG! so many awesome pics! it's gonna take me days to look through all this
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i know there have to be a few ex-honda guys here (even if you wont admit it to the rest of us)

just found these images over on noriyaro and just couldn't not share them

spoon goodness...

here's the link for the original article: SPOON ENGINES: Type One and Spoon Sports workshop
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In that yellow one has the drivers position been moved to the center?!?!?
yes. that's the way it looked to me. also looks like there's an s2k motor sitting in the rear

correction: K24 swap

here's a link to his build
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